How to Send Statements to Customers in Quickbooks

Send a Customer Statements in QuickBooks

The statement is a type of reminder of an overdue invoice. QuickBooks provides an option to send statements to customers in order to up-to date them by reminding them about overdue balances and it listed the statements of the owe charges by customers. Statements are of two types: (a) ‘open statement’ shows the transactions which opens on the statement date. Sending Statements to Customers (b) ‘Activity based’ keeps records of customer activity over intervals of time with payments and credits.

Sending Statements to Customers

Steps To Create Statement For Customer In QuickBooks

  • Go to Quickbooks homepage and select statement from customer’s page.
  • A there displayed a statement form on your home screen.
  • Now select various options in a statement form, including the customer’s name, billing address, quantity, information about services/products, enter payment terms, rate, amount, email address and number.
  • You can select your desired style and multiple customers.
  • After completing with given information fields, click to ‘preview’ your statement edits data carefully and accurately.
  • Once finished with check, you can print or mail the editorial statement to selected customers.
  • Then click ‘save and close’ and ‘save and end’ for successful sending statement.

Importance of Sending Statements To Customers

  • It facilitates users to email statements to customers. And saves postage time, increases you to get paid faster by customers.
  • It up-to date your financial statements at regular intervals that reflect the change in your account receivables and account balances.
  • It helps in sending statements from QuickBooks, boost your efficiency and save business tremendous amounts of time and money.
  • It provides a track over all your transactions separate and maintain records up to date with detailed information.

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