How to fix QuickBooks bank reconciliation problems?


Bank Reconciliation Problems

The users of the QuickBooks software immensely benefit from the QuickBooks features which are notable as the best in the class accurate choice you have for the management of the financial requirements and calculations associated with your business. The software is ideal for those who run a small or medium business and this can ensure that you have complete control over the working of your company. However technical errors are not completely avoidable and there are various types of trouble that you can face while you are working with the software. One such trouble is the errors and problems associated with bank reconciliation.

What is QuickBooks Reconciliation?

One of the major troubles that the users of QuickBooks users face is the trouble of bank reconciliation. The users of QuickBooks often say that they are having trouble when they tried to reconcile the bank account after several years of using the software. This trouble occurs when they have issues with troubles created by previous employees. Even if the reconciliation has not been done for years, the data show that the reconciling has done and there are many reconciled items on the list.

How to fix the QuickBooks reconciliation error?

Solution 1

This is the easiest choice you have and also the least messy solution you can opt for the following software. The users can simply unreconciled and opt for a fresh start.

  • Go to the gear icon once you open the QuickBooks software. Click the icon and from there choose the chart of accounts option.
  • Once you have chosen the option mentioned in the previous point, choose the account name tab under this option and from there choose the option for viewing the register relevant to that account name.
  • Choose the customize option in the top left corner and then soft by the reconcile status and then show it next as reconciled.
  • After you have done this click the OK option.
  • Click the transaction to be reconciled and then highlight it.
  • Once it has done, click on the topmost line in between the line for the transaction amounts
  • Then click on the field between the deposit and the payment amount options
  • The users can easily click on the field continuously until they have reached the desired status for the transaction.
  • After this, you should save the changes you make. Simply click on save.
  • After this completed entirely you can again start the reconciliation process from a fresh bank balance. This usually resolves the reconciliation trouble.


A number of users still have trouble while they are working with the QuickBooks and if the trouble with reconciliation is not solved even after this, you can always try out the best QuickBooks Support option for help. Feel free to try this phone number contact and effortlessly manage the trouble that you are having with the account. The users can easily get the solution they need from the experts.


The QuickBooks reconciliation error is very easy to solve. You can always rely on the QuickBooks customer support for any help you need.

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