How to Manage Customers Credit in Quickbooks

Handling Customer Credit Cards Guidelines

Handling of customers’ credit mainly occurs in case of returning goods/services by customers. This is due to several reasons like quality, quantity of providing services/products and efficiency of the products, etc. Quickbooks easily manages the customer credit and also makes up-to date it. It keeps detailed reports over each product and services that issued to customers, including their date, price, quantity, rate, tax, etc.

Handling Customers Credit

Steps To Manage Customers Credit in Quickbooks

  • First, go to menu and select ‘customer’ option, then there appears ‘Receive payment’ window.
  • Than identify customer and select job if required. QuickBooks provides you with a list of paid and un-paid invoices for customers.
  • Now edit the date of payment by using ‘Date Text Box’.
  • Then add customers payment amount of ‘Amount Field’.
  • You can optionally edit your check number, and mode of payment from the drop-down list.
  • For any overpayment credits of customers, QuickBooks automatically notify you and totals the amount of existing customer’s credit.
  • Now identify open invoices (Click auto applies for old open invoices and for unapplied payments that applied already, click ‘unapply payment’).
  • Than maintain your early payments and other issued documents.
  • Select open invoices and click on ‘Discount’ and ‘Credit’ option.
  • Now click ‘save and close’ to save your customer payment.


  • It helps in auto reducing the open invoice original amount of early payment discounts.
  • Keeps track over each credit and saves time in entering data.
  • It reduces the chances and mistakes of outstanding or overpayment credits.

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