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How to Use Double Entry System

How to Use Double Entry System

Double entry or bookkeeping is a standard system that practiced from ancient times and still relevant. This is mainly used to maintain accounts on every transaction and maintaining a balance between these transactions. Using the Double-Entry System This system is based on the accounting equation (Liabilities + owners’ equity = Assets). It regulates the entered debit amounts must be equal to credit accounts. It also checks that company cash that spends out from the account, gaining in return or not, such as supplies, etc. Each transaction is maintained in a general ledger document.

Using Double - Entry System

Uses And Applications

  • Increases income by receiving money from pre-deposited money into a business bank account.
  • From, utility expenses, you can pay electricity bill that edited as debit, Using the Double-Entry System while credit added to cash results in decreasing assets.

 Set-Up Double Entry System

  • First, set your financial records than select ‘chart of account’ by using proper guidelines given by accounting software for account that required in business.
  • Use ‘chart of account’ as a reference for selecting two or more accounts for editing transactions into your ledger file.
  • Use “general journal entry” in which first entry is for ‘account and debited amount’ and second entry is for ‘account and credited amount’.
  • Always use, accounting software for auto-generate of transactions and sales invoices.


  • It reduces the calculation mistakes and increasing accuracy.
  • Increases awareness in accounting by providing detailed information.
  • It increases the rate of production (statements, net statements, etc.).

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