How to edit ship to address in QuickBooks


This article is all you need if you wish to change or edit ship to address in your QuickBooks account. Without wasting any time, let us start!

Steps to change the change or edit ship to address in your QuickBooks account

Please note:

You can dedicate any ship to address as default for Purchase orders with the help of company information window. Here are the step by step instructions to do so:

Steps to change the ‘ship to’ address on a purchase order in QuickBooks:

This part of the article deals with changing the ‘Ship to’ address on a purchase order in QuickBooks. Please follow the below mentioned instructions:

  • Open QuickBooks account.
  • Open the vendor menu.
  • Select the option that says- ‘Create Purchase Order.
  • Look for the ‘Drop Ship To’ or ‘Ship To field’ option in the purchase order category.
  • Click to open the drop down menu.
  • Choose your desired customer.
  • Make the desired changes to the Ship to address.

Steps to correct the customer information on QuickBooks:

It is quite troublesome if the correct customer information is not fed into your QuickBooks account. In this section of the article we will look at the ways to correct the customer information. Please follow these steps in the order given below:

  • Open QuickBooks.
  • Open the ‘Customer’ menu.
  • Click on ‘Customer Center’ option.
  • Right click on the customer name.
  • From the drop down list please select- ‘Edit Customer’ option.
  • Now select ‘Ship to 1’ address.
  • Select the right ‘Ship to’ address.
  • In case the right address is not shown, then you can click on ‘Add/ New.’
  • Here you can enter your desired ‘Ship to’ address.
  • To confirm the changes, click on ‘OK.’

Steps to add ‘Ship to’ address in QuickBooks:

If you have joined hands with new customers, you may need to add some new ‘Ship to; addresses in your QuickBooks. Here are the instructions on how to add ‘Ship to’ address in QuickBooks:

  • Open QuickBooks.
  • Open the ‘Customer Menu’ option.
  • Now go to ‘Customer Center’ option.
  • Right click on the customer name.
  • From the drop down list please select ‘Edit Customer’ option.
  • Now please click on ‘Address info’ button.
  • Please select the ‘Ship to’ drop down arrow.
  • From the list please select ‘Add New’ option.
  • Now carefully enter the ‘Ship to’ address.

Above steps should help you to edit the ‘Ship to’ address in QuickBooks. In case you still face any difficulty, don’t worry we are always there at your service!

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