How to Fix QuickBooks Error 324 & 106


QuickBooks Error 324 & 106

QuickBooks and bank connections lead to the smooth recording of transactions done through bank or cash. This helps in keeping the required records straight and systematic. The software and bank work in tandem to ensure there is no imbalance between both the bank and software year-end reports. However, at times while connecting with the bank account through QuickBooks software users might encounter the issue of being stranded out of their bank account. They have also shown probable error codes of QuickBooks like 324 or 106. In such a case, they can try the tricks displayed below and also connect with the QuickBooks tech team for better and reliable solutions.

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Signs and Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 324 & 106

  • A Message Presenting on-screen that banking error 324 QuickBooks arises.
  • The computer regularly crashes with Error 324.
  • Error 99001 appears on the screen and crashes the active window.
  • Your system begins freezing for a few seconds at a time.

Tips for Resolving QuickBooks Error Code 106 or QuickBooks Error Code 324

  • In order to resolve QuickBooks Error Code 324 or QuickBooks Error Code 106 user should try the option of reconnecting with the account by clicking on the links for the same. It is generally shown right below the error message displayed for the mentioned errors. All the user needs to do is follow the steps displayed on the screen to update their account properly.
  • In case there is no Reconnect My Account link option available then the user will have to update their account manually by clicking on the Update option within the QuickBooks software itself.
  • The user might have to update their account manually in the scenario wherein the bank or credit/debit card website is going through maintenance. User should try to run manual update three times in slow hours and not peak hours.
  • Now again click on the given URL and try to login to the bank website which is offering the option of online banking.

Another scenario wherein both QuickBooks Error Code 324 or QuickBooks Error Code 106 occurs is when the user tries to inculcate a connection between their financial services agency (or their personal account as required) with that of the software. The main reason for the error is that the account of the user displayed in a certain manner. In order to view the account lost and connect it with the QuickBooks software (online version) the user required to resolve the issue through steps detailed below:


  • Access the financial services agency and log in to the authorized accounts.
  • On the main interface, screen locates, navigate and click on the Account Summary option followed by specific business account from the drop-down menu and lastly click on the Go tab.
  • Now click on the tab called Set as Default View.
  • Sign in to the specific QuickBooks user account in order to set the connection for the online banking process. As the user does not have the option to display both the personal and business accounts as default view, they will have to switch between these accounts as and when it is required. Users will have to update the account they wish to set as the default view for online banking.
Need Experts Help?

The method should easily resolve the issue of QuickBooks error code 324 or QuickBooks error code 106. However, if any of the errors still displayed it recommended to connect with the technical experts of the QuickBooks team who should able to provide the possible solutions in a matter of minutes. But if the user is in urgency and is not able to contact the customer support team due to a long queue, they can contact our customer support for immediate response.

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