How to install QuickBooks in Selective Startup or Safe Mode on Windows OS ?

QuickBooks installation in Selective Startup on Windows OS

QuickBooks is a bookkeeping solution which manages all your accounting needs. It is an easy to use software. It is available in both desktop as well as online. You can also run your QuickBooks software in Safe mode or Selective Startup mode on your Microsoft Windows Operating system.

There are certain occasions when some third party applications like anti-virus or anti-spy ware act as an interference with the installation of QuickBooks Desktop. In those situations you will have to install your QuickBooks software in Selective Startup or safe mode. This mode enable you to start your Windows Operating System while selecting some specific items which you will run in your system.

install QuickBooks in Selective Startup or Safe Mode on Windows OS

QuickBooks basically uses Microsoft Windows Installer. You need your Install QuickBooks in Selective Startup Windows OS Service to be activated while installation. As you are running your Windows in Safe Mode, it deactivates your Windows Installer Services. So it is recommended that you create a backup for all your Quickbooks file and folder before installing. Make sure that you have your QuickBooks Accounting software product code and license number with you. For more QuickBooks information, just press F2 or Ctrl+1 to open Product Information window before installing or uninstalling software.

How to run QuickBooks in your system as a Selective Start-up

Here are some steps below which you should follow in order to run QuickBooks in your system as a Selective start-up or safe mode in your Microsoft Windows Operating System.

  • Start your system.
  • From your keyboard press Ctrl+R for Run command.
  • In the search option type msconfig and click on OK.
  • Open general tab and click on selective startup option.
  • After that click on Load system services > Load startup items.
  • Select Services tab and click on Hide all Microsoft Services.
  • Select Disable all option.
  • Install QuickBooks in Selective Startup Windows OS
  • Now you will have to select Hide all Microsoft services checkbox to clear it.
  • Check list of services.
  • Also check for Windows Installer checkbox whether it is selected or not. If not then click on it to select it and press OK option.
  • Click on Restart system configuration window to reboot your system.
  • Once your system has restarted, then you can install QuickBooks for selective startup.
  • After installation of QuickBooks, you will have to follow steps below:
  • As you have installed QuickBooks in your system, you will have to restore your computer to its normal configuration.
  • Press Ctrl+R from your keyboard to open run command.
  • In search dialog box type msconfig and press OK.
  • From general tab, press Normal Startup tab and click on OK option present on your computer screen.
  • Restart your system to configure all the changes.

By following steps mentioned above, you can easily Install QuickBooks in Selective startup mode or safe mode for your Microsoft Windows operating system. If you have any trouble while installing this software in your system, then you can call on our QuickBooks toll free-number contact .

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