How to Record Daily Sales in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks Daily Record Sales

Recording daily sales in QuickBooks is an easy task but time consuming. However, it tracks down all the data in the system it is important to record all the data to get the maximum from the software capabilities. You can also enter cash receipts in QuickBooks which has the similar significance.

How to Record Daily Sales in QuickBooks?

In this article we will explain you the process of recording daily sales with the QuickBooks software. In case you have any concerns with the following procedure, you can contact QuickBooks Phone .

Process to enter daily sales in QuickBooks:

  • From the customer’s menu in the software tap Enter Sales Receipt
  • In the customer’s name tab enter All customers
  • Add the information of the daily sales from there on
  • Also keep adding the sales receipt for every server
  • This will enable to you to record your daily sales in QuickBooks

Keep a note of the following information

  • In the form enter the initials of the server > weekday > total number of people > number of orders to be sent > and average price. All these have to be added to the customs field.
  • Record the sales for all the separate products. For e.g. in a restaurant you will have to enter the bar sales and food sales separately for complete analysis. Then further add the subtotal amount of the sales and all the other incoming value like tips.
  • Enter the items in the Sales Tax column and the tax amount collected. Add the amount and create a separate sub total amount.
  • Enter the payment types and subtotal them to make another column. This total should match the previous two subtotals amount and in case there is some difference it Is either over cash or cash shortage
  • In case of cash difference it is important to adjust the figures. Add the item which will make the difference 0 in the sales receipt and in case of over charge you can check the accounts since there can be a fraud or theft in the business
  • In the last two custom boxes you have to enter the amount. The first is the positive amount field which reduces the cash tips account and the other one is the negative account which makes the employee tips account to reduce.

QuickBooks is an important software which keeps a track of all the happenings in the business. It keeps a note of every business product being sold and takes care of inventory segments. You can go through the sales entry procedure in QuickBooks and understand the process. In case you have any questions related to the text above, you can contact QuickBooks customer support team + contact and they will assist you with the best in class software. They are high professionals who are available 24/7 for your assistance.

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