How to Move to Quickbooks Desktop From Quickbooks Mac

Convert QuickBooks Desktop From Quickbooks Mac Service

QuickBooks is the accounting software that mainly used by small and medium businesses operators because it gives accurate accounts with latest tax code and government guidelines as well as resolves several problems that associated with accounting and system. Moving to Quickbooks Desktop From Quickbooks Mac It also resolves the problem that gets occurs due to the plain old cross platform compatibility and how you ensure that your QuickBooks software data run the both PC Windows and Mac Service contact . If you use a Mac for sending information/data to someone from the window, then it starts to display you a problem because your window is CPA certified.

Moving to Quickbooks Desktop From Quickbooks Mac

Steps To Move QuickBooks Desktop From QuickBooks Mac

  • First open your QuickBooks account, proceed to ‘File’ menu, then export and choose ‘To QuickBooks for Window’.
  • Now edit a name for the created file and a file with ‘QBB’ extension get created by QuickBooks along with a PDF file with complete instructions to use it. • Now you need to copy the ‘. QBB’ file to window machine.
  • Then from ‘File’ menu, choose to ‘Open or Restore Company’ then restore a backup copy and select ‘Local Backup’ then open QuickBooks window to the file that you specified/selected ‘. QBB’ file.
  • Moving to Quickbooks Desktop From Quickbooks Mac.
  • After completed with the above steps, you moved your QuickBooks for Mac file to your windows software successfully.
  • Now from the window system, exported your data in a compatible format on the Mac system.
  • After edited changes in the data, then resort the lists and rebuild all data.
  • From the file menu, select utilities and copy the company file for QuickBooks Mac.
  • From this a ‘Mac .QBB’ extension file get created.
  • Then copy this ‘Mac .QBB’ file into your Mac system.

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