How to Navigate & Customize a Report Data in Quickbooks

QuickBooks Customizing Report Data Navigating

QuickBooks provides its users with a default customized report, which helps users in analyzing and tracking the particular financial data. In case when no reports fulfill your demands, then the users can create their own customized report. Users can add different information according to their’s companies’ service, requirement and needs. QuickBooks easily customize your report and saves it for future access.

Navigating and Customizing a Report Data

Steps To Customize a Report Data

  • First launch your Quickbooks system and account properly, then click on the ‘Report’ option.
  • From drop-down list, select the category of report that you want to customize.
  • Now choose ‘font’ then select your preferred size and style for report, after selected font click ‘yes’ to apply.
  • Click on ‘Header/Footer’ option in order to make in headings and body content. Then edit your information in the text area. Use layout, list to choose ‘left’’ ‘right’, ‘centered or standard’.
  • Then click on ‘customize report’ and use any preferred filter to check available data in the report.
  • Now add text to each field, so that to customize the labels.
  • Then click ‘OK’.
  • Under ‘customize report’, select number tab to show all number section then click ‘ok’.
  • Then click on ‘Date’ option to edit date for your customized report and click ‘OK’.
  • Edit the report name from ‘Memorize’ option and click ‘Save’ on ‘Memorize Report Group’.
  • Click ‘Save’ and ‘OK’ to finish.


  • QuickBooks provides timely technical assistance from experts and professionals for instant help through call, messages, emails and online chats.
  • Navigating and Customizing a Report Data.
  • You can keep easy track over each report through one window.
  • It provides ‘column’ option, so you can track data. For e.g. information, account number, etc.

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