How to turn on job costing /estimating feature in QuickBooks 2017?

QuickBooks Job Costing/Estimates Features

Though the interface of QuickBooks is quite simple and user-friendly, quite often, some of the users find it somewhat difficult to use some of its features. It is not that the features are complex, but that it requires the users to remain up to date with the changes being introduced to it from time to time. The QuickBooks experts keep adding new, innovative, and exciting features that call for some up-gradation from the user’s side. For instance, some of the users may find it a bit tough or confusing to turn on job costing/estimating features in QuickBooks 2017. However, it is not a matter to worry about. The users can spend some time and learn about how to turn on the job costing/estimating feature in QuickBooks 2017.

8 Steps Guide to Turning on Job Costing/Estimating Feature in QuickBooks 2017

The step by step procedure to turn on the job costing/estimating feature in QuickBooks 2017 is quite simple and the users can learn it here below:

  • First of all, you need to enter the username and password in the space provided to sign to the QuickBooks
  • Once signed in, click the ‘Edit’ button
  • Clicking the ‘Edit’ button would enable you to find some alternatives and you need to then click ‘Preferences’.
  • In the next step, you need to click the icon of ‘Jobs & Estimates’.
  • On the next page, you will see ‘My Preferences’ and ‘Company Preferences’. Here you have required to choose the ‘Company Preferences’ tab.
  • The next option here would be in the form of a question – ‘DO YOU CREATE ESTIMATES?’
  • As you wish to create estimates, you need to choose ‘Yes’.
  • The next option you would see here would be ‘DO YOU DO PROGRESS INVOICING?’ Here, you can select either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ as per your requirements.

Really speaking, the process to turn on job costing or estimating is not all a complex or confusing task, nor does it take much time in learning to utilize the benefits of this feature. A person familiar with the QuickBooks 2017 interface or features can easily and quickly learn to turn on job costuming or estimating feature in QuickBooks 2017.

What is Progress Invoicing?

Many of the users and particularly the new users may often wonder about what Progress Invoicing is and what its benefits are. In fact, it’s an invoicing or billing practice that carried out while the work in a progressive stage. As per the amount of work completed, some part of the billing can be done even before fully completing the work. So, there is no need to wait till the end when the work gets summed up. As per the agreement, the remaining billing can be then done when the work is fully completed.

Quick access to QuickBooks support professionals

Though the QuickBooks features are quite user-friendly, the users have all the freedom and facility to access the QuickBooks customer support professionals in case they encounter any issues.


Whether it is the difficulty about how to turn on the job costing/estimating features in QuickBooks 2017 or any other issues; the QuickBooks tech support executives can always access for getting due support for resolving all types of problems occurring with QuickBooks.

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