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QuickBooks Sales Receipt Analysis

QuickBooks Sales Receipt

Sales Receipt is something that is used in the day today business operations. It tracks records payments and receipts at same time. It helps in simplifying the task of preparing daily, weekly or monthly tax reports. Sales receipt is used in the following scenarios:

  • Receiving complete payment at the time of sale or during the transaction input into QuickBooks.
  • Single payment method is followed to the customer i.e. either by a debit card or a credit card.

QuickBooks Sales Receipt Analysis

Sales receipt is actually a form in QuickBooks application that is used to record the credits that exceeds at the same time to the linked up accounts linked up with the components recorded in the sales receipt. An deposited fund account or another account selected by the user must be Accounts Receivable, Bank or Other Current Asset account. QuickBooks Sales Receipt Analysis. This is actually used when the customer makes the complete payment on receiving the products or services from the company. As the components can be linked with the liability accounts, the sales receipt can be further used to record funds received from customers that increases liabilities of a firm.

For recording a sales receipt transaction on the customers -> enter Sales Receipts menu selection. Sales receipt and invoice features very much similar in terms of recording a sales transaction. But as an invoice that is not paid to A/R account and the outstanding balance of the customer is increasing the sales receipt is always completely paid and the balance of the customer remains unaltered. When you save the sales receipt to that particular account that is linked with every single item is recorded.

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