How to View Reminders on Overdue Invoices in Quickbooks

Viewing Reminders on Overdue InvoicesViewing Reminders on Overdue Invoices

QuickBooks, helps you to maintain your track over invoices by regularly reminds you for any overdue invoice in the program, including a reminder’s list and customers information page so that, you can run your business profitably. QuickBooks software shows all your overdue invoices on homepage by simply click Invoices, all the list will display.

Steps To Send Reminders of Overdue Invoices To Customer

• First, click on ‘customer’, from file menu of QuickBooks. Then, click on ‘Invoices’ from right button.

• Click to save and send as an email.

• You can also edit your email by click on it.

Points To Supervise Overdue Invoices

1: BY E-MAILS: By login your email account with QuickBooks account, you can get regular messages towards any unleft invoices.

2:BY MONITORING CUSTOMER BALANCE: It includes the number of credits, you extend to your every customer. From ‘customer’ option chooses ‘customer center’, this helps its users in analyzing to sell more product and services or not.

3: “BY USING A STATEMENTS”: You easily generate statement or print email, by simply click ‘customer’ option then select “Create a statement’. QuickBooks options its users to send statements to one or more Customers regarding overdue invoices.

4: “BY SETTING REMINDERS”: Quickbooks provided you to set timed reminders of overdue invoices, by clicking company option, then choose reminders and click to set preferences button and then select to show a reminders list with this preference.

5: “BY CREATING WATERMARK”: From ‘template’, click add button on the toolbar, then choose the effective text for a message like ‘OVERDUE’. This helps to pay attention of yours towards any ‘overdue invoices’.

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