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Release Notes for QuickBooks Desktop 2020

Intuit regularly updates the software to provide a better experience with some great features and enhanced functionalities. So to keep your software updated, it is very important to periodically check the available updates. Each new update includes lots of improvements as compared to earlier updates. However, you can turn on the Automatic Updates so that the software itself downloads the updates for you whenever any new updates are available. Or, you can manually check the updates at any time. Continue reading the blog to get aware of the update-related terms “Release notes for QuickBooks Desktop 2020”.

Release 10 (R10) to Release 11 (R11)

Well, QuickBooks Desktop’s latest release is available now! If you’re planning to update your software then it is important to know what’s newly added in the latest release. Or you can say what the improvements are done in the latest release as compared to the previous one.

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Let’s see the new enhancements from Release 10 (R10) to Release 11 (R11):

Improvements in User Management

The capability of the User management has improved in the QuickBooks Desktop 2021 version in the comparison of an earlier version 2020, as you can now:

  1. With Release 10 (R10), Admin users can request access for a secondary Admin (Intuit Account) role.
  2. On the other hand, the following improvements are included with Release 11 (R11)
    • When opening an existing company file, the admin will be prompted to sign in to the Intuit account. This change is already in place for non-accountant versions.
    • For Accountant versions: When you want to create a new company file with QuickBooks 2020, the Admin will be prompted to log in to the Intuit account.
    • Intuit Account Primary Admin can change the Primary Admin from QuickBooks. Select Company, Users, and then Intuit Account User Management.

QuickBooks Payments

With Release 10 (R10), the payment features have improved an earlier signup process. There is no further improvement has been done for the payment methods of QuickBooks in the latest release 11 (R11).

Taxes: 1099-NEC and 1099-MISC

  1. With Release 10 (R10), QuickBooks Desktop supports 1099-NEC and 1099-MISC print and e-filling.
  2. Moreover, third-party applications can use the latest SDK to support e-filing 1099-NEC and 1099-MISC forms for QuickBooks Desktop users.
  3. Again, there is no improvement or addition done with the Release 11 (R11) for taxes like 1099-NEC and 1099-MISC.

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Bug Fixes

In the earlier Release 10 (R10), there were no bug fixes updates but you can get many bug fixes options in the new release 11(R11). It in turn results in no burdensome warning messages for incompatible dates.

  1. In this, if you enter any unsupported dates for accessing memorized reports. You will directly get a prompt suggesting the correct date range.
  2. The bugs related to the low-resolution screen are now diminished in the new release with the improved process payment receipt window
  3. Great news! Sales Receipt out of balance error is also fixed in the latest release 11(R11); this error was usually seen in traditional releases while tax re-calculations.


Every year, QuickBooks rolls in with awesome features and fixation for earlier misconceptions. That’s why it is always recommended that you update your QuickBooks Desktop in a timely manner. To update the software, it is also important to get the awareness of the new improvements in the latest release. The above is completely based on the Release notes for QuickBooks Desktop 2020 and it is hoped that it will be helpful for you.


  1. How to check whether I am using the latest release version or not?

    Ans: It is very easy to check; you just need to open your QuickBooks Desktop. Simply press the F2 key to open your Product information window and here you can check your currently used version as well as release.

  2. How to schedule the future automatic updates in QuickBooks Desktop?

    Ans: Scheduling of the future automatic updates alerts you if there are any updates available in the near future. To do so, go to the Help Menu and select Update QuickBooks Desktop. Next, move to the Options tab and then hit “Yes” to turn on Automatic Updates. At last, select the Close tab.

  3. How many release notes launch in QuickBooks Desktop 2020?

    Ans: There are mainly 5 release notes launched in the 2020 version and each new update includes all the changes from earlier updates. 5 Release notes named Release 6 (R6) in March 2020, Release 7 (R7) in May 2020, Release 8 (R8) in September 2020, Release 9 (R9) in November 2020, and Release 10 (R10) in December 2020.



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