How to Set Up Email Service in QuickBooks

QuickBooks E-Mail Service Set up

QuickBooks can integrate well with myriad services over the internet. This exposes users to a wider spectrum of functionalities that can boost their accounting proficiency. Set Up Email In QuickBooks is one of the many services that can work along with QuickBooks. Without any integration QuickBooks enables users to send:

  • Invoices: Every purchase from your organization can be responded with an invoice to the customer or client. These customers and clients often need concrete proof in the form of invoices. You can just make the invoice and send it along with the payment status. Invoices can also use to remind customers or clients about their due payments. This enables firms to get their money on time. You can send Invoices directly to the email address of the customer or client.
  • Vendor Purchase List: While going through inventory, you can make a list of purchase items and send them directly to the vendor. You can store the contact information of each and every vendor connected with your organization. You can even import these details from a spreadsheet.

Email integration will enable you to do a lot more than this. You will be able to create reports and send them directly to others. You can also send a copy of all the transactions recorded for a particular period of time.

Integrating QuickBooks with Outlook or Web Mail

Download the latest version of both these software’s. This will ensure that Outlook is compatible with your version of QuickBooks. Many old versions of Outlook are incompatible with QuickBooks. Connecting them will resolve in various errors that you may not want to encounter.

First you need to create an Outlook id. In future this id can combine with some other email id to bring in all the emails at a centralized place. For doing this you can open Outlook and create new ID or you can go to the online Outlook and create a new ID there itself. Same needs to be done for Web Mail. After doing this you can follow the steps given below:

  1. Goto the edit menu
  2. Click Preferences and Choose send Forms
  3. A window with multiple tabs will appear. Select the ‘My Preference’ tab to continue
  4. Check weather Outlook is check marked or not. If it isn’t then click the radio button against Outlook.
  5. Click on OK.

In case you want to work with Web Mail, instead of selecting Outlook in the 4th step you should select Web Mail. You can switch between these two anytime you would like to. This level of flexibility is provided with QuickBooks accounting software. While using Web Mail make sure to get your ISP correct to the Set Up Email In QuickBooks. Constantly changes are made to these and this can lead to error with QuickBooks. QB desktop will prompt users to enter their email id and password to confirm entry for the first time.

How to run QuickBooks with Outlook Integration

There may be some users who might not be able to run QuickBooks with Outlook Integration. There are many errors that might cause user to experience such a situation. Some version of Microsoft office can cause this error. That is the reason why we recommend you to update the latest back of products. Make sure that you made an email id in Outlook. Many instances have been recorded where users try their emails without registering with Outlook. You must also make Microsoft Outlook your default software for emails in windows. For doing this you may follow the steps given below:

  1. Goto control panel
  2. Select Default Programs
  3. Select the default for emails as Microsoft Outlook.

This will enable QuickBooks to send all the email data directly to this software. Making it default will ensure there is no error while connecting the two software’s. Also ensure that in case you have your Microsoft office hosted on a server, you might have to contact your service provider to get your issues resolved.

QuickBooks Integration with GMAIL

With a new update, QuickBooks has enabled GMail integration for email in this accounting software. You should do this by ensuring that all your preferences are made accordingly. By going to the preference tab again, you can select gmail. A window will open prompting to input your email. You can do this. Server name and Port will be automatically detected by the software. Make sure that the checkbox against SSL is ticked. This ensures complete security and offers you better privacy. SSL encryption is preferred by most online services due to the unreachable security it provides.

After this QuickBooks will prompt you for the username and password of your Gmail account that you want to link.  If you still can’t integrate your email with QuickBooks, then contact QuickBooks ProAdvisor Support. Our certified experts can also help in you installing latest updates and using a particular tool present in QuickBooks.

Intuit Email Service

Though not a very popular choice, still a great functionality of QB. In case you want all QuickBooks related mails to appear in a separate ID, you can opt for Inuit Email service which lets users create and email with them. This will work like other emails but all your emails will appear in this separate service window.

for QuickBooks Email Set up

You first need to set-up webmail which is secure enough to work with QuickBooks:

Now, before starting the set-up process:

  • Webmail is compatible with all the new versions of QuickBooks. It gives an easy connection with the email.
  • You need to link your webmail and Intuit account to establish a secure connection.
  • Once the email accounts are linked, there is no need to enter the password again and again.

QuickBooks versions and editions that you can use with secure webmail:

  • QB 2020 and 2019: It is available with Windows Email, Yahoo, AOL, Gmail, and some other versions of Mozilla (Mozilla Email Client)
  • QBVersion 2018: Available for Live users, Hotmail users, and Gmail users.
  • QuickBooks (R5 – 2017) and Newer: Available for all Gmail users (Not available for all prior versions)

Set up secure webmail

  1. Open Edit Menu of QuickBooks and then click on Preferences.
  2. Click on Send Forms
  3. Click on WebMail and then click on Add.
  4. Now, open the drop-down, click on your provider and then enter email id in the field.
  5. Here, you will see the Enhanced Security Checkbox, click on it and click on OK. (If you receive an error message or Network error, uncheck the box)
  6. A sign-in window will pop-up, use log-in credentials to log-in to your account.

For QuickBooks Technical support we have an in house team of intuit certified ProAdvisors who are proficient with this accounting software. They can not only guide you through specific functionalities of QuickBooks but can also walk you through errors and issues. Leverage their years of experience and self edification by contacting us at contact .

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