Why we need to upgrade QuickBooks Enterprise to latest Version?

QuickBooks Enterprise Version

QuickBooks is one of the software that you can upgrade on regular basis every fall season. The software can fit with new tools and features with every new upgrade. Generally, small-sized businesses and startups prefer to opt for QuickBooks Pro or Premier versions, however, those who have a business in multiple commodities or branches should go for the QuickBooks Enterprise version.

upgrade QuickBooks Enterprise to latest VersionUpgrade QuickBooks Enterprise to latest Version

Even the users employing QuickBooks Enterprise older version go for upgrading the software to the latest version released as they offer more flexibility in completing accounting tasks. The software easily helps in scaling storage space as per the requirement of the company. Some of the common reasons for an upgrade to the latest version of QuickBooks Enterprise 2018 are as follows:

  1. Multiple User: This latest version of QuickBooks Enterprise is with terminal services for the Windows Operating system. That basically allows the user to connect and work in the same window with other authorized users simultaneously, both locally and remotely, as long as they are working on the same server. In this software, the most complex task of accounting is done easily in one go.
  2. Advanced Inventory & Advanced Pricing Options: With the previous version, many users have forwarded issues related to flexibility of the reports, especially the ones related to the Inventory aspect which at times required additional rows and columns along with needed customization to filters included within the report. These changes were kept in mind and the enhancement is done in the Advanced Inventory tool.
  3. Simultaneous User: The latest Enterprise edition of QuickBooks allows users to operate more than one monitor at one go (at most 3 monitors can be included).
  4. Save On Payroll Liability and Processing Fees: With the Payment Reminder tool that integrates within the software. The user cannot miss any payment dues in the future. Once the date for payment of payroll liability comes near, they inform the user immediately by highlighting the Pay liabilities option. this option also includes on the Homepage. QuickBooks enterprise upgrade to the 2018 version also helps to save payroll processing fees. As per the subscription version, the user for QuickBooks enterprise can reduce their Direct Deposit Fees.
  5. Custom Fields: The user can generate up to 30 customized field options and drop-down menus as per the company requirements. As the option of creating custom fields in QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier is up to 7 users only. The users can keep account of their data in QuickBooks Enterprise 2018 much better.
  6. Smart Search For Chart of Accounts: This feature, in particular, is beneficial to those users; whose business is diversified into multiple products and has more than one account to handle.


In conclusion, the QuickBooks Enterprise 2018 software can help users to complete their financial tasks easily. For more information regarding the software or any problem faced with the software; you can connect with Intuit setup QuickBooks customer support team. Users can also try to contact our in-house support team. It is when the above-mentioned team cannot be connected due to a long queue on Toll-Free – contact or visit the website Businessaccountings.com for online technical chat support.

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