QuickBooks Error Code 20

What Does Mean QuickBooks Error Code 20 – Printer Not Activated

Printed-related error encountered with QuickBooks generally affects both the software as well as the printer. One such problem is when the user faces QuickBooks Error Code 20 that indicates the Printer not being active. The main reason behind this error is the system upgrade to Windows OS 10 / 8. The QuickBooks Error Code 20 disallows the user to print and further send the invoices and salary slips to respective individuals that cause more issues for them. The issue can also be caused by other software installed on the system that can have a significant effect on QuickBooks. To resolve the error, the user should connect with a proficient QuickBooks experts team and garner quality support as required.

QuickBooks Error Code 20

Causes of QuickBooks Error Code 20 – Printer Not Activated

One of the most common causes of the QuickBooks Error Code 20 file is missing – HKey_current_config \ Software key which has most likely been deleted from the system. The multiple software does use this key as part of the registry key which basically results in an error for all software even if the issue is not caused by them. QuickBooks software is no different as it also employs the same registry key. Thus, when the registry key becomes outdated or gets deleted, it interferes with certain processes of the software, and connection with the printer is one of them.

Another reason for the cause of QuickBooks Error Code 20 is that the computer might be hosting multiple versions of QuickBooks. That generally do not constitute as problematic, however, it could be one of the reasons.

Lastly, if the error occurs while the user is trying to save the invoice or payslip in PDF format, then the problem is related to the version of PDF driver installed which is not compatible with the QuickBooks version hosted on the system.

Things to keep in mind before proceeding to make changes in order to resolve the issue

  • First and foremost, the user needs to generate a backup of the current registry before any changes modify it. This backup can also help in resolving the issue if the modified one is unable to do so. In order to create a registry backup follow the steps below:
    • Locate and navigate to Registry Editor.
    • When you see the computer icon on the top of the folder on the left side of the menu bar.
    • Now select the File option, followed by Export and then Save It.
  • In case the user encounters more problems it is better to be ready with System Restore Point at hand for which follow the steps below:
    • Click on the Start icon tab and then locate the System Restore option.
    • An option stating – New System Restore Point is showing to you.
    • Ensure that the option of Protection Setting is enabled for Local Disk C through the System Properties screen.
    • Now select the Apply tab and then OK to set the settings before the system restore point can be generated.

Methods to solve QuickBooks Error code 20

Method 1: The best option is to reinstall the software after performing a clean uninstall of QuickBooks in order to remove the corrupt files.

  • Click on the Start icon and then select Control Panel.
  • Select the tab labeled Programs (Applications) and Features.
  • Look for QuickBooks and then select the Uninstall option.
  • Visit the official QuickBooks website and Download the compatible version of QuickBooks.
  • Now install the software again and connect with the printer.
  • In order to save any and all changes made while resolving the issue
  • You have to reboot the computer system. However, if the problem is related to the PDF converter then the option is to download and update a new PDF driver that is compatible with the operating system.

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The steps written above should help to resolve the printer not activated problem. However, if the issue still persists, do connect with the QuickBooks technical support specialist who has years of experience. Suppose, you are unable to contact them because of the long queue, you can also try QuickBooks specialized support agencies. One such agency by the name of Businessaccountings.com can be called on their Toll-Free – contact or for the online chat support browse the website.

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