Why we need to upgrade QuickBooks POS to latest version?


QuickBooks Point of Sale Version

QuickBooks software has paved a way for itself and become one of the most popular financial management software by providing business owners a way to complete the required accounting tasks in time and also generate reports facilitating better decision making. The add-on products compatible with QuickBooks, enhances the software and takes its capabilities to another level. One such add-on application is Point of Sale that helps in increasing the ability of QuickBooks to perform necessary retail functions and processes without much fuss. It is better to get updated and upgraded to QuickBooks Point of Sale Version 2018 as the freedom provided with the software offers much more value and the actual cost. As the software is built on codes and technical integration, getting in touch with proficient QuickBooks Point of Sale technical customer support is the best option.

upgrade QuickBooks POS to latest version

Some of the main reasons to upgrade to QuickBooks Point of Sale 2018 are listed below:

  • Outfitted with New Tools and Enhanced Features: The best part about QuickBooks and its add-on applications is that with regular upgrades of the software, user can get access to new tools and get issues with older features fixed. The best example is that with last QuickBooks Point of Sale version 12.0 compatibility with CipherLab 8000 / CipherLab 8001 was not favourable. However, this issue was sorted in the latest QuickBooks Point of Sale Version 18.0 as the problem may have caused many users to not go forward with renewal of the subscription.
  • Innovative Ways to Complete Processes: Compatibility with new and portable devices like tablets, smartphones etc has become the need of the hour. This feature is added in QuickBooks Point of Sale Version 18.0 that allows the user to manage and process their Point of Sale tasks from the tablet or smartphone only. Although the user will require Microsoft Surface Pro for this feature to work, once integrated the user is offered with two-in-one option. This feature is particularly advantageous for business owner who are working in multiple cities and require portable access of the software.

Once you have upgraded to QuickBooks Point of Sale Version 18.0 you are accorded with additional benefits as listed below:

  • Access software at any point of day and from anywhere.
  • EMV payments through credit and debit cards
  • Automatic entry and recording of financial transactions and data with minimized scope of errors.
  • Easier and sophisticated customer relationship management.
  • Upgrade QuickBooks POS to latest version.
  • Integration of Sales tax facilitating accurate calculation of taxes.

Since the inception of QuickBooks Point of Sale Version 18.0, many business owners, in particular retailers, are opting to upgrade their QuickBooks POS version 13.0 to the latest version because of its ability to increase the sales without requiring much effort with persistent update and upgrade of of the software from the company. In case of any issue or requiring any extra information about the same application you should get in touch with QuickBooks customer support team setup by Intuit. If you are unable to get connected to the support, you can try alternative support agency like Businessaccountings.com that can be connected through Toll Free 1-800-993-4190.

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