Entering Credit Card Charges


Where do I enter credit card charges Service

Adding credit card expenses helps in circulates fast and  safe accounting. Entering Credit Card Charges It facilitates to do fast billing in purchasing supplies and inventory. You can easily records your transactions by adding your card to QuickBooks account chart.

Entering Credit Card Charges

Why You Add Your Credit Card To QuickBooks

  • Track service and products for which the vendors is paid.
  • Helps to track the the record of each purchase.
  • Restore  the credit card activity to the monthly statement from your credit card provider.

Steps To Add Credit Card Expenses

  • From menu, select the ‘banking’ option then click ‘Credit card charges’.
  • Click Credit Card list and then select a credit card account.
  • Than enter the name of business you paid with your credit card from ‘purchased’ option
  • Select your purchase and charge button, so to maintain record.
  • Than add proper date set up from ‘date’ option.
  • Proper assign your amount of expenses from the amount field.
  • You memo list to add the cause of charging and description.
  • Locate the transactions and from account drop down list, select ‘account category’ for the ‘expense’.
  • For maintaining bills of supplies and products to vendors, you can click to ‘item list’ to retain records.
  • After examine all the entered information click‘save’and close.
  • All the expense get saved in the Credit Card register.


  • Setup monthly transactions efficiently.
  • Allows users to track account balances and keep updated with account.
  • Helps to restore monthly statements.
  • Provide the downloaded transactions to help in ‘end year checklist’.

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