Fix QuickBooks Error Code 6147, 0

QuickBooks Error Code 6147, 0

It is quite common for QuickBooks users to encounter errors as the software is established onset of codes. The user is required to meet the system requirements of the software to fulfill all the conditions of codes to function properly. The errors are generally encountered in a four-digit format which in turn helps to narrow down the area which might be causing the problem. Thus when a QuickBooks user connects with the QuickBooks Customer team they are generally asked for both error messages and code. One of the errors reported by many users is QuickBooks Error Code 6147, 0.

Fix QuickBooks Error Code 6147, 0

This error is generally reported with an error message saying the data file of QuickBooks is unable to get located or that there was a certain error in accessing the company file. Another scenario wherein this error occurs is when the user is restoring a backup of the company file and an error message is displayed stating – “QuickBooks data file contains a problem or is not a data file. Please get technical support from Intuit and provide the agent with Error Codes: -6147,0”

Causes for QuickBooks Error Code 6147, 0

Probable reasons for this error to occur are:

  • The local data file of the software is corrupted.
  • The backup file name has a limit of 210 characters which has been exceeded by the user.
  • The user is trying to restore the backed-up file through the network server. 

How to Resolve QuickBooks Error Code 6147, 0

QuickBooks Error 6147, 0 is one of those technical errors that require expert guidance from the QuickBooks experts team. There are two feasible methods to resolve the issue, however, both should be followed in the same steps that are given below. Users should also try to access the software after the first resolution to verify whether the problem is resolved or not.

  • Method 1: Install QuickBooks File Doctor:
    • Visit the official website of Intuit, locate and click on link of QuickBooks File Doctor.
    • Once the tool is downloaded and installed, it will run across the software and scan to figure out error-prone areas. Before running the software, ensure all the applications running in the background are stopped.
    • In the scenario, no error is located, move to the next method to resolve the problem
  • Method 2: Restore Backup Data File:
    • Make sure the computer system on which the user is performing the task is not the host for QuickBooks software. To check there are the following steps:
      • Click on File Menu, followed by the Utility option.
      • For Option called ‘Stop Hosting Multi-user Access’ – click on the tab, followed by Yes option on both “Stop Hosting Multi-user Access” and “Company File Closed”
    • Now select the saved file and perform the restoration process of the backup. If the user has more than one backup, they can choose as per their convenience.

Get in Touch!

The above steps should help to resolve the QuickBooks Error Code 6147, 0. However, if the error does not get resolved and it persists, support for the same can be acquired by connecting with proficient QuickBooks experts. In case these experts aren’t able to get connected, then it is better to try alternative QuickBooks support agencies.

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