4 Ways to Fix QuickBooks Installer Error 61686 – EXEAdapter Error

QuickBooks is defined as accounting software and monetary programming package created and showcased by Intuit. QuickBooks services are utilized by small-medium organizations and oversee business, installments, cover bills and manage payroll functioning.

QuickBooks is well-known programming to deal with all business information in a coordinated way. Yet, here and there it happens that it shows some errors and interrupts the ongoing work process. One of the common errors is QuickBooks Installing Error 61686. In this write-up, you will get to know the process for fixing the QuickBooks Error 61686.

We’re sorry! Something went wrong with your installation.

EXEAdapter error: InstallExe method received the system error from create process, command-“c:\user\asaeed\appdata\local\temp\premier_us27r1\ thirdparty\dotnet46\ndp46-kb3045557-x86-x64-allos-enu.exe”\q\norestart\chainingpackage QuickBooks system message – The component store has been corrupted”.

Know about the QuickBooks Error 61686

QuickBooks Error code 61686 is a typical blunder code that is looked at by the QuickBooks customers while installing it. It is produced fundamentally because of the Damaged Framework.xml file that causes the error during establishment.

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In the below of this, you get to learn the different processes for resolving the QuickBooks Error 61686. Go through the article carefully and read out the mentioned causes, signs, and solutions.

Sign of QuickBooks Installing Error 61686

Look out the below points to catch the symptoms of the QuickBooks Installing Error 61686.

  1. Your operating system stops responding for a while that ultimately affect the performance of the system
  2. A continuous indicated error message displayed on your computer screen
  3. Windows Installation Error Code 61686 is visible to you when it appears on your system
  4. Some of the output devices such as the keyboard and mouse respond lethargically that delays the running process.

Causes of QuickBooks Installer Error 61686

Here is the proper list of causes that helps to detect the roots of the problem easily. Read out the following:

  1. Your windows start facing the crash issues
  2. Infectious function or malware function can damage the system’s files and folders
  3. When the other program badly remove the windows installer related documents
  4. Obscure download or break down the installation of windows installer programming
  5. Corrupted or damaged windows registry

Solutions Steps to fix the QuickBooks Installing Error 61686

Go through the below-mentioned solutions to frequently fix the problem and resume your ongoing tasks.


Solution 1: Complete all the pending updates

  1. In the first step, you need to move to the Start option and refresh the box
  2. Hit the Enter key
  3. Then, you will get the Windows Update box
  4. In the final step, you need to click on the option Install Updates if any updates are available.

Solution 2: Need to Reinstall the Windows Installer Programs

  1. To start the process, you need to go to the Programs and Features by visiting the main menu of the system (Start option)
  2. Then, open the Control Panel window and select the option Programs
  3. In the further step, you need to open the Features and Programs option
  4. To discover the Windows Installer Error Code 61686 program, you need to go to the name segment area
  5. Now, in this step make sure you choose the Windows Installer related segment
  6. After the above steps, under the best menu strip, you need to press the Uninstall catch option
  7. To end the process, you need to complete the uninstall process of the error 61686 related segments.

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Solution 3: Fix the Registry Entries related to the error 61686

  1. The first step is to open the Start menu of the system
  2. The depiction notice will be there in the request box, yet you should ensure that you don’t press the Enter key
  3. In the further step, you have to hold the Ctrl and Shift keys together and press the Enter key
  4. Then, you need to read the dialogue box that appeared on your screen
  5. Now, make sure you acknowledge the dialogue box by clicking on the Yes option
  6. After performing the above steps, a black box will appear in front of your screen
  7. In this step, you need to select re-edit and press the Enter key
  8. At that point, you need to choose the error 61686 related key under the registry editor
  9. Then, you need to select the Export here option under the File menu options
  10. Make sure that you save it in the mentioned list
  11. Then, you need to pick the Organizer where they need to abandon the Windows Installer file key
  12. In the next step, you need to choose the identity for the file in the specific box. You can add the name like Windows Installer Backup
  13. You need to confirm the availability of the Choose Branch option under the Export Range box is has to be chosen
  14. To save the changes, you need to tap on the Save option
  15. After this, the record will be abandoned along with a .reg document enhancement
  16. Finally, you have become a member of the Windows Installer-related registry segment.

Solution 4: Try QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool to resolve the error

  1. Firstly, you need to download the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool
  2. Secondly, save the downloaded file on the main desktop
  3. Then, Close the programs if opened if not then ignore the step
  4. Now, you need to operate the QuickBooks Install device
  5. Wait for some time it will take time to the processing and also it relies on your internet pace
  6. After this, you need to reboot the system once after performing the above steps.


From the above article, QuickBooks concluded that QuickBooks Install Error 61686 is a common error that can be resolved by following the above-mentioned solutions. This error is mainly caused due to the damage in the Framework.xml file so try to fix it first then try to install the QuickBooks again. If still an error is displayed then try other solutions. Unfortunately, you are not proceeding to resolve the error then you can also contact the QuickBooks experts.

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  1. Can malware function be the reason for QuickBooks Error 61686?

    Ans: Yes, malware function can affect your system as well as give rise to many errors in the QuickBooks application. For the solution, you need to conduct a full malware scan on your system.

  2. Do I need to execute a clean installation of the window for eliminating error 61686?

    Ans: You can perform the clean installation of the window if nothing works to eliminate QuickBooks error 61686. Clean Installation of windows helps to remove the junk and unnecessary files from the system.

  3. How does QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool help to resolve the error?

    Ans: QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool helps to repair the Microsoft.Net, MSXML, and C++ files issue. You can download the tool from the QuickBooks Tool Hub device and run the tool to remove the toxicity from the files.

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