QuickBooks Desktop 2015 Service Discontinuation: The Consequences

QuickBooks Desktop 2015

Every year Intuit releases new updates that are very useful for users. They come up with varied changes and solutions to fix the loopholes in the previous versions. With new and improvised features, it is a delightful experience to work on the new improved version with all updates in place. The bugs that existed no more exist now.

QuickBooks Desktop 2015 Service Discontinuation: The Consequences

There are many types of products of Intuit that will also get affected by the discontinuation of QuickBooks Desktop 2015 services because many types of applications are integrated within the software. It is best to upgrade the software to the updated version i.e QuickBooks Desktop 2018 to enjoy the benefits of the upgraded version.

Result of the Discontinuation

-Users need to note that QuickBooks 2015 will work even after this date for all kinds of basic accounting functions.

-All services that are reliant on the Intuit server like desktop payroll, online banking, etc will be non-functional after this release.

-QuickBooks 2015 users will no longer enjoy live QuickBooks technical support from Intuit

-The availability of replacement CDs and manuals will no longer be there. However, users can download the older products.

-Also, the effect is not the same for all the users while registering all kinds of products and retrieve keycodes.

-There will be no updates to this program.

The list of products for which services will be unavailable after May 31, 2018, are:

  • QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2015

This includes QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2015 (General Business, Contractor, Manufacturing & Wholesale, Nonprofit, Professional Services, and Retail).

  • QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2015
  • The QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 15
  • QuickBooks Desktop 2015 Service Discontinuation: The Consequences
  • A QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition 2015
  • QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale 2013: Basic, Pro and Multi Store software and QuickBooks Point of Sale Payments

This includes QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale 12.0: Basic, Pro, and Multi-Store software

The services for the following products that are not going to affect:

  • QuickBooks Desktop
    • Pro and Premier 2018, 2017, 2016
    • Mac 2016
    • Accountant 2018, 2017, 2016
    • Point of Sale 18.0
  • QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 18, 17, 16

Few Ways that affects the Users:

-Automatic calculation of accurate payroll taxes with updated forms and payroll data will no longer be available for basic, standard, enhanced, or assisted payroll.

-Users will lose access to Worker’s Comp payments through QuickBooks 2015.

-Users might also lose access to ViewMyPaycheck.

-QuickBooks Merchant services might not process credit card transactions.

-There will be no credit card billing in an automated way. There will be no downloading of transactions, all kinds of customer profiles might be deleted and the data that has been entered might not be available for access.

-Credit Card terminal download might not be possible with QuickBooks 2015.

-You are not able to process the transactions in QuickBooks 2015.

-The biggest aftereffect will be that users will no longer have a QuickBooks Care Protection Plan as it will become inactive. The plan will end on the renewal date whether that is for 90 days, an annual plan, or a monthly plan.

However, QuickBooks users need not worry as Businessaccountings.com is always there for our users. For QuickBooks Desktop 2015 Service Discontinuation: The Consequences has a trained QuickBooks technical support team that can provide all kinds of services for QuickBooks 2015. Users can either choose to upgrade to QuickBooks 2018 version or for any problem like QuickBooks not opening, freezing, or crashing, they can reach out to Businessaccountings.com.

What is Businessaccountings.com?- Call contact

Users have the option of upgrading to QuickBooks version 2018 to enjoy all kinds of services related to QuickBooks at any time. The upgraded version will have enhanced tools or features. However, if the user is still using QuickBooks 2015, they need not panic as the team of QuickBookstechnical.help is there to help you out. You can connect QuickBooks customer support team of experts who can help you out with any aspect of QuickBooks 2015 or any version of QuickBooks. They also have years of experience in dealing with any issue of QuickBooks. For QuickBooks 2015 version also, users can directly speak to this team. Dial the toll-free number to reach out to the team. As it is functional 24*7.

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