How to Install Quickbooks without The CD


Want to install QuickBooks without a CD drive? No problem! This article is here to inform you about all the possible ways to install QuickBooks without a CD drive. Let us get started!

3 Ways to install QuickBooks without a CD drive:

There are many ways to install QuickBooks on your PC without accessing a CD Drive. Please find them below:

  • The first way is to directly download the QuickBooks from an internet connection.
  • Another workaround can be to use the CD Drive of another networked computer and use the installation setup from that computer.
  • The third solution to this situation can be to use a USB drive. You can copy and paste the installation files on a USB drive and install QuickBooks on your desired computer.

Instructions on how to install QuickBooks without a CD drive:

Below you will find a detailed step by step explanation of the above three methods. Please follow the instructions carefully and in the right order:

If you choose to download the QuickBooks from the internet:

Prerequisite: A stable internet connection.

  • Firstly from the internet download the desired version of QuickBooks.
  • Open the downloaded file, and run it as an Admin on your PC.
  • Follow the step-by-step on-screen instructions to successfully finish the installation.

If you choose to share the CD drive of another PC via a common network:

  • Share the CD drive on a networked computer.
  • Click on ‘My Computer.’
  • Right-click on CD drive and choose ‘Sharing and Security.’
  • Click on ‘Share this folder.’
  • Select ‘Apply’ to confirm the changes.
  • Then click on ‘OK.’
  • Right-click on ‘My Computer.’
  • Click on the ‘Computer Name’ tab.
  • Write the name of the PC which has a CD drive.

Now on the PC that doesn’t have a CD drive:

  • Click on ‘Start.’
  • Then click on ‘Run.’
  • Enter the name of the PC that has a CD drive.
  • Select ‘OK.’
  • Right-click on CD drive.
  • Double click on ‘Setup.exe’

You will find that the installation will start and will be installed locally.

If you choose to the USB drive to install QuickBooks:

  • On a PC with a CD drive, run the QuickBooks installation CD.

Note: Don’t run the auto installation wizard of the QuickBooks.

  • Right-click on the CD Drive and choose ‘Explore.’
  • Select and copy QuickBooks and third party folders together and paste them into a new folder.
  • Insert a USB drive into your computer and copy that folder in it.
  • Treat this USB drive as your installation wizard for your desired computer where you wish to install the QuickBooks.
  • Open the QuickBooks folder on your desired computer and run the installation process as directed to you by on-screen step by step method.

Scope of Service:

We hope this article gave you a clear idea of how to install QuickBooks without a CD drive.

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  1. What if I use QuickBooks Migration Tool for installing QuickBooks without the CD?

    The QuickBooks Migration Tool is also the way for installing the QuickBooks without the CD into your computer. For this, you have to do it in 2 parts firstly, from the old computer and then in the new computer where you are installing the QuickBooks.

    The steps are:-

    1. In Old Computer
    *** In QuickBooks, click on the File menu option
    *** Then choose the option Utilities
    *** Further, click on the Move QuickBooks to another computer
    *** Click on the option I’m Ready
    *** Now, create the one-time password
    *** The screen equipped with some instructions do follow it
    *** Choose the USB flash drive that you are using
    *** Then wait for it to copy all the files.

    2. In New Computer
    *** Initially, insert the USB flash drive that you are using
    *** You have to open up the QuickBooks Migration Tool
    *** After that, open the USB flash drive to check the files
    *** Go to the file named Move_QuickBooks.bat and double-click on it
    *** It starts the migratory tool into your computer
    *** Provide the password that you have created
    *** Then click on the Let’s Go option
    *** You have to wait for the Migrator Tool to finish its working
    *** After this, you are done installing QuickBooks without a CD.

  2. Are there any instructions that we have to do after downloading the QuickBooks installer file for installing QuickBooks without the CD?

    Yes, there are few instructions that you have to follow that are:-

    1. After downloading the file, check the file by double-clicking on it that it is working or not
    2. It must not be damaged or corrupted
    3. The file name starting with QuickBooks
    4. Saved with .exe extension.

  3. What are the requirements for installing QuickBooks without the CD?

    There are few requirements that you must know about that are:-

    1. Must have internet connection if downloading the installation via internet
    2. The USB port is working and the transferring speed is good if using USB flash drive for installing QuickBooks without the CD
    3. Network drive is connected to the network from where you are installing QuickBooks
    4. Must have the product key
    5. Also, have the License number with you.

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