QuickBooks Error Code 6144, 304

What does QuickBooks Error Code 6144, 304 Mean?

At times while working on the QuickBooks accounting software, users might encounter certain errors that could cause corruption of the company file. One such error faced is QuickBooks Error Code 6144, 304. This error is dangerous for the business as it directly affects the company file which consists of confidential financial information of the company.

Error Number: Error 6144 304

Error Name: QuickBooks Error 6144 304

Error Description: QuickBooks has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience

Developer: Intuit Inc.Applies to: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

Symptoms of Quickbooks Error 6144, 304

When the company file gets damaged and the user experiences any of the following scenarios, it is the indication of QuickBooks 6144, 304:

  • If the data is being transferred or stored and the system shuts down automatically.
  • When the system crashes due to malware or virus attack.
  • Security software settings restrict certain features to work properly.
QuickBooks Error Code 6144, 304

Causes of QuickBooks Error Code 6144, 304 are listed below:

This error could occur due to multiple reasons. However, the most common reasons for this error are listed below:

  • Corruption of Company File:
    • Improper shut down of the software or system while the data is being processed and saved on the file.
    • Malware and Virus attack targeting financial files and documents stored on the system.
  • Restrictive settings of Security Software. Some of the software is set to block certain ports and network server activities which end up interfering with the tasks to be processed through the system. This is one reason, only branded and trusted security software should be installed on the system as they might cause more harm than protecting the system. Safe and secure security software will also help in avoiding accidental deletion of required files.

How to resolve QuickBooks Error 6144, 304?

To resolve the QuickBooks Error 6144, 304, the user is advised to take the support of the proficient QuickBooks customer support team. As they are experienced enough to resolve the issue without causing more harm and also in the stipulated period. If the user wishes to resolve the issue on their own then the best option is to locate and install the QuickBooks File Doctor tool incepted by Intuit to run, scan, and resolve some of the common errors related to the company file. The user should perform this function under the guidance of experienced QuickBooks technicians to avoid any more hassle. Follow the steps below to resolve.

1. Method One: QuickBooks Error 6144, 304 through QuickBooks File Doctor Tool:

  • Login to the software using admin login credentials.
  • With admin benefits, users can access the QuickBooks File Doctor tool and then access the QuickBooks software again.
  • Select the browser option and then click on the appropriate corrupted company file.
  • When prompted with the question – “Are you on Server or Workstation”. Click on the correct option of the workstation if the software is hosted on the same system or server if accessing software from different systems.
  • Now the tool will scan the server or workstation, as appropriate. For any error associated with the company file and fix them f required.
  • Now close the QuickBooks File Doctor tool and access the software again.

The above-illustrated steps should resolve the problem easily. But if the issue persists then you should connect with the expert team of QuickBooks to figure out the reason and solution for QuickBooks Error 6144, 304. In case the support team takes a long time to connect due to a long queue.

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