How to Recover Deleted Data in QuickBooks Pro

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QuickBooks is one of the most widely used accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses. The information in the QuickBooks is so vital that one cannot afford to lose the same. The QuickBooks does come with the autosave feature so that the accounting data is being backed up continuously. However, a situation may arise that the data could not be backed up and data is lost. For example unexpected situations such as sudden power failure, virus or ransomware attack, etc. may lead to loss of data. In this article, we will try to help you out of this situation by guiding you to recover the deleted data in the QuickBooks Pro.

Recover deleted data in QuickBooks Pro

Solution 1: Download the QuickBooks Recovery tool.

The QuickBooks recovery tool namely Ease US Data Recovery Wizard is easy to install and supports more than 500 types of files. It supports all the types of QuickBooks file formats such as .ND, .IIF, .QBB, .QBA, .QBX, .QBY, .QBW, .QOB. Follow the following steps to recover the deleted data using the QuickBooks recovery tool.

  1. Scan the Hard Disk Drive where all the QuickBooks files are getting stored and from where the data got deleted.
  2. Run the Deep scan to search the deleted files.
  3. Select the QuickBooks files that are found in this process and click on Recover.

Solution 2: Recovering the lost data on QuickBooks using auto data recovery.

QuickBooks auto data recovery is the backup of the QuickBooks files that match the transaction log and are created automatically by the QuickBooks. If the deleted data is within the 24-hour time span that it can be recovered through the auto data recovery.

Under this method after half an hour of turning on the QuickBooks, it automatically creates a backup file that lasts for up to 12 hours. After 12 hours another backup is created. Thus you have two files on the computed one which is 12 hours old and another which is 24 hours old. The older files are then auto-deleted.

Thus if it is within 24 hours then the deleted data can be recovered using auto data recovery in QuickBooks. If you have any doubts relating to the recovery of the Recover deleted data in QuickBooks Pro then kindly get in touch with our QuickBooks team on our Toll-Free We have a pool of trained technical professionals who can handle any QuickBooks query very efficiently and can give you proper guidance in recovering QuickBooks deleted data.

Our scope of services:

  • 24×7 availability and 365 days working.
  • Prompt reply and efficient solution.
  • Minimum wait time at the call center.

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