Resolve QuickBooks Error Code 31600

Quickbooks Error Code 31600

QuickBooks is exceptionally engineered with advanced features and modules that have made a revolutionary change in the accounting world. Managing finance and accounts has been a cakewalk with this small business accounting software. On one hand, where the software simplifies accounting by replacing all the manual tasks with fully automated features, on the other hand, it is prone to errors. Resolve Error Code 31600 in QuickBooks is an unexpected internal error the crops up usually when the user tries to set up or remove access for his accountant. When the error occurs, QuickBooks stops functioning and restricts the user to work.

Resolve Error Code 31600 in QuickBooks

QuickBooks Error Code 31600 Scenarios:

  • Error occurs while sending payroll via direct deposit
  • While creating a backup and creating a Portable File
  • While downloading latest payroll updates
  • Running verify/rebuilding properties
  • During the process to save a transaction
  • While opening any window in QuickBooks
  • Error crops up while creating a company file
  • While the user attempts to open company’s facility
  • When a company attempts to close the file

Solutions to Fix the QuickBooks Error Code 31600:

There are certain solutions recommended by Intuit. Follow the solutions in the given order for the complete resolution of the error. It is suggested to identify the exact cause of the error to quickly resolve the error.

Method I: Diagnose the Affected Users

  • Go to the company menu and Select in order to configure users and passwords
  • Click Setup user
  • Click on the company -> select the users for Enterprise users.
  • Choose -> Setup Users and Roles
  • Go to ad users and mention the username with the password then click next
  • Customize the user as required
  • Click on the finish
  • Use the new login credentials -> log into the company file

Method II: Press your QuickBooks Desktop

Press desktop while opening QuickBooks

  • Click on QuickBooks program.
  • Hold down the control key till you have a company open window.

Press desktop while opening the Company file:

  • Click to select the desired company file
  • Hold the Alt key -> Click Open
  • In case prompted for login credentials release the key and enter your username
  • TIll the file is open do not release the Alt key -> hold down the Alt key -> click OK.
  • QuickBooks displays a blank screen.
  • The company file is completely open in case QuickBooks is highlighted.

Solution 3: Create a New Windows Administrator

For especially Windows 10 users:

  • Click to start -> Settings
  • Choose account then click on Family and other users.
  • Select add someone else to this PC, under the other users.
  • Choose that I do not have this sign-in information for this person
  • Click Add a User without a Microsoft Account
  • Enter the name of the new account
  • Click on the finish then choose newly created account
  • Click Account Type then click Admin

Solution 4: Create a New Windows Server

  • Open on Service Manager then click on the tool
  • Choose on Computer Management
  • Extend the local users and group
  • Select groups to open the Admin Properties window -> Click on the Administrators group
  • Click on Add -> Select computer, service account or group window, in select users,
  • Type the account that you want to add to local administrator groups
  • Click OK.

In case you still face the error you can contact QuickBooks experts for assistance. You can get in touch with the team via phone support, email support, live chat option. They are round the clock available.

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