QuickBooks Crash Catcher Error in Mac


QuickBooks Crash Catcher Error in Mac

QuickBooks Desktop Mac has one of the biggest markets in the industry of accounting software. The software is capable of delivering high quality efficiency to the business with quality user friendly interface. However, there are errors which might pop up while working on the software and one of these errors is the Crash Catcher in Mac.

This piece contains the fix for QuickBooks Crash Catcher Error in Mac. You can follow the below solutions to understand and clear the error from the system software. You can also use QuickBooks File Doctor to remove any unwanted malware or damaged files from the software.

QuickBooks Crash Catcher Error in Mac

Crash Catcher Error

Missing or ignoring the QuickBooks software updates is the reason for the Crash catcher error to initiate. There are periodic updates which are also called maintenance updates are sent every now and then to fix certain bugs or facilitate a new feature into the software.

Fixing the Error

Solution 1 – Update the software

  • Select QuickBooks
  • Open Taskbar > QuickBooks > Check for Updates
  • Follow the prompts and install the software.

Solution 2 – integrate your Company file

  • Go to File and then select utilities
  • Click on verify data
  • Problem detected:
  • File > Utilities > Rebuild data
  • Again run the first step of the process to verify the data
  • In case it fails try restoring the software or reach out to QuickBooks

Solution 3 – Safe Mode Windows

  • Switch off the system and restart using the power button.
  • Hold the shift key till the windows desktop appears
  • Open QuickBooks and continue with the work where you left it from
  • In case the system does not fix in the safe mode, there might be a problem between the QuickBooks software and the program.

Solution 4 – Add New Mac User Account

  • In preferences tab, select users and groups
  • Add a new user with administrator rights
  • Open the system from the new account and open the software for use.

QuickBooks – Call 1-800-993-4190

QuickBooks in Mac can lead to certain issues which might cause problems while using the software. However, you can contact our QuickBooks Team 1-800-993-4190 who would assist you with the best in class software with the professionals of the domain and they would fix your issues in the least turnaround time. We are available 24/7 for your concerns.

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