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4 Ways to Fix QuickBooks Banking Error 9999

Many times, users come across some common issues related to Banking, and QuickBooks Banking Error 9999 is one among them. It is a script error experienced by users while attempting to refresh the bank details but it fails. This in turn results in the framework starting hanging and may stop working or react slower. However, multiple factors can be responsible for the occurrence of the error. The below write-up will familiarize you with all possible causes and fixes to fix the error in detail. Have patience! And try executing the solutions one after one to fix this banking error at ease.

QuickBooks Banking Error 9999

Sign and Symptoms of error 9999

You can identify the banking error code 9999 with the listed signs and symptoms:

  1. System crashes quite often while running the same application
  2. The browser’s cache and cookies can create such banking issue
  3. QuickBooks Banking Error 9999 crashes the active windows program once it occurs
  4. The system is not able to read commands of the mouse & keyboard or sometimes respond sluggishly.

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Causes of QuickBooks banking error 9999

Checking out the causes of the error before jumping on the fixes is a must since it allows you to understand the process of fixing in a better way. In simple words, understanding the causes of the error makes it possible for most users to correct the error. So, here are some of the potential causes of QuickBooks Banking Error 9999:

  1. Improper Internet connection or speed is too slow.
  2. Malware infects the Windows system through malicious behavior.
  3. Your bank’s access to the Intuit server can be blocked by Windows Firewall or other security programs.
  4. QuickBooks download and installation were corrupted or incomplete.
  5. QuickBooks-related files, programs, and directories were accidentally deleted or removed.
  6. The recent QuickBooks modification (install/uninstall) resulted in a corrupt Windows registry.

Solution Steps for QuickBooks banking error 9999

There is more than one solution available to fix the error. Below are some possible ways, you just need to implement in the given order so that you can easily get rid of the error:

fix QuickBooks Banking Error 9999

Solution #1

The below steps can be carried out to report the issue:

  1. Start with finding the “Report issue” within an error message
  2. Next, go to the Banking Transaction screen
  3. Enter the name and email address then click “Submit
  4. You will get a response within 10 business days from the technical team.

Solution #2

  1. First, close your current QuickBooks account
  2. Next, for the highlighted account, you have to click on the Edit icon
  3. Now, click on the Edit Account Information
  4. After that, hit the option “Disconnect this account on save
  5. Once done then click Save & Close
  6. Go back to the dashboard and then renew the link
  7. Move to the bank account and then link the QuickBooks account once again
  8. Enter the username and password to access the account once again
  9. In the end, you can find a QuickBooks account with updated transactions.

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Solution #3

  1. In the beginning, open an Internet Explorer and click Favorites
  2. Next, go to the History tab >> Menu
  3. And open the History tab
  4. Choose the sites that you wish to delete or clear all the search history
  5. At last, click on the Delete tab.

Solution #4

  1. Initially, press the Windows Start button from your keyboard
  2. Next, type the command within the Search field
  3. Press and hold the key Ctrl + Shift and then press the Enter key
  4. Now, a permission dialog box appears, and click the “Yes” tab
  5. With a blinking cursor, a black box appears
  6. Type “Regedit” and then hit the Enter key
  7. After that, select the “Error 9999” related key that you want to backup
  8. Move to the File menu and select the “Export” tab
  9. Enter the name within the File Name section to save the backup file
  10. Click on the Save tab to make sure that you save the file with a .reg extension
  11. Finally, you have the backup of the QuickBooks registry entry.

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Infographic to Fix QuickBooks Banking Error 9999

Infographic to Fix QuickBooks Banking Error 9999
Infographic to Fix QuickBooks Banking Error 9999


As an accounting user, you will encounter problems that will necessitate assistance regularly. The issue may be anything from a bug in the software’s interface to small errors in the bookkeeping function. QuickBooks Banking Error 9999 is one of the usual encountering errors and hopefully you can fix it with the help of the above write-up.


  1. What do you understand with QuickBooks Banking Error 9999?

    Ans: It is a script error that can block the internet connection of your bank and QuickBooks Online. It occurs when you try to update the information of the bank and it results in the system hanging or responding slowly or stopping your software from working. You may also encounter frequent “Freeze” after intervals and you will receive an error message stating that “Sorry for the inconvenience! We can’t update your account. Please try updating your information again after some time (QuickBooks Banking Error Code 9999)”.

  2. What are the important points needed to remember after noticing QuickBooks Banking error 9999?

    Ans: Before you start processing the fixing methods, it is suggested you check out the pointers listed below:

    1. Go to the screen called “Bank Transaction” and hit on the “Report Issue
    2. If QuickBooks is not properly installed then you may encounter bugs
    3. Additionally, make sure that you have downloaded and installed QuickBooks Software
    4. Type in the registered email address & name
    5. And later hit the “Submit” button
    6. You’ll revert within 10 business days.

  3. Are there any alternative ways to get rid of the QuickBooks Banking Error 9999 error apart from the above-mentioned solutions?

    Ans: Yes, there are a few alternative methods that may help you to fix the error. These are:

    1. Execute the Full Malware Scan on your system.
    2. Update “Windows System Device Drivers” with the latest available.
    3. Use the “Disk Cleanup” (Clearmgr) tool to clean the junk from the system.
    4. Run the “Windows System File Checker”
    5. Perform a Windows Clean Installation
    6. Use the “Windows System Restore” utility to undo the recent system changes
    7. Uninstall & reinstall QuickBooks Programs related to QuickBooks Banking error 9999.



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