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How to Void Invoices & Other Line Item in Quickbooks

QuickBooks allows its users to easily access the option of ‘voiding invoices and other line items’. The option of ‘voids’ allows users to remove/delete line items or invoices during retaining the proof of their occurrence for your records. This helps users most to remove erroneous transaction or cancel the transaction.

Voiding invoices and other line item

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Steps To Void Invoice And Other Line Items

  • First locate your invoice and click on it, an option of ‘void invoice’ get displayed. You need to create a template before proceeding to voiding an invoice.
  • For this, under the form, click on ‘customize’ option and then click on ‘manage template’ option.
  • After that, copy the template under ‘copy’ option.
  • From ‘template name box’, you need to change the name of template to ‘void invoice’ and click ‘ok’ to save and close the window.
  • When you void, you need to stamp a ‘PAID STAMP’ on the invoice, now uncheck the ‘print status stamp’ box.
  • Now go through additional customization option.
  • Then on click layout designer option, an invoice will get displayed, you need to change that to ‘void invoice’.
  • Now, take an accurate review over edit changes, then click ‘ok’ to save your changes. Then you can use this template for all your void invoices.

Another process to fix it is as follows:-

  • You need to go to the menu Customers
  • In customers select the Customer Center
  • Then in the Customers & Jobs list go to the customer option
  • After that from the transaction pane select the Show option
  • Now from the drop-down list click on the Invoice and double click on it to open it
  • Click on the Transactions tab then click on the Invoices and find the invoice that is need to void
  • After finding double-click on the invoice to open it
  • Now click on the Edit menu and then click on the Void Invoice
  • Save it by clicking on the Save button.


  • QuickBooks help users by providing an easy and convenient method to void an invoice. It saves user’s time and data as well as reducing the mistakes.
  • It also provides users with the flexibility in the payment mode as well as facilitates email reminders.
  • QuickBooks keeps track over invoice and manage it with their records.

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