How to Work With Leads in Quickbooks

Work With Leads in QB Provide

Leads are mainly referred to prospects or probability that shows the starting point and stage in the sales process. You can create lists of potential customers and their information. Working With Leads in Quickbooks provides its user the option to add particular details for each lead and also transfer lead to the customer center. QuickBooks helps you to send them more information and answers to the asked questions of your prospects. Leads are not customers but QuickBooks helps to transfer leads into customer Service + contact .

Working With Leads in Quickbooks

Steps To Work With The Leads And Setup Leads

  • First from QuickBooks menu, you need to open ‘Lead center’.
  • Then, select ‘customers’ that you want to work with the ladies.
  • Now the dialog box will get displayed, you need to edit names for your lead by click in the ‘New Lead’.
  • From status option, classify your leads as you want. e.g. hot, warm or cold.
  • After completed, from lead center you can view your created leads. And make a specific lead search by entering a name on ‘Find box’.
  • Working With Leads in Quickbooks.
  • To edit lead, click twice on the ‘lead center’ list.
  • You need to login your lead on to do section and make a note about the lead from ‘Note’ option.
  • In case you want to convert your lead into a customer, you need to click on the lead list and select ‘convert to a customer’.
  • To import any information about leads, for this click on ‘lead center’ toolbar, then click on ‘import multiple lead’ from this an ‘import’ dialog box get displayed, you can copy information from excel spreadsheet.
  • Then, click ‘ok’ and save the edit details.

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