How to Create a Progress Invoice to The Customer in Quickbooks

What is Progress Invoicing Customers Service

QuickBooks provides its users to easily create a progress invoice for a job. Users need to set their progress invoicing preferences and, create ‘estimate for the job’ by using ‘items’. Progress invoicing refers to creating an invoice for a part of an estimate and invoice for the part of an estimate and it is invoiced from an estimate or it is sort of installment milling. Progress Invoicing Customers QuickBooks facilitates you to make invoicing based on a fixed percentage of total estimate or for different percentages of each line item.

Progress Invoicing Customers

Steps To Create A Progress Invoice

  • First, click on ‘create invoice’ under the ‘customers’ option.
  • Then use the tab drop-down option to select a job under ‘customer’ option.
  • From the window, select the estimate that you want to create a progress invoice against.
  • Once selected the estimate, click ‘oak’.
  • Select the way for creating an invoice ‘from the create progress invoice based on an estimate’ window that appeared.
  • Click ‘ok’, once selected the contract type with customers.
  • In case, specify invoice amounts for items on estimate window apparel edit amount, %, the okay and due rate over item and click ‘ok’.
  • Now for more information click ‘help’ and then preview the created invoices then print from option.
  • Click ‘Save and Close’ after a complete check.


  • QuickBooks easily shows you estimate that billed previously to the customer contact .
  • It tracks the billed estimate/invoice to the customer and courteous auto print to maintain smooth and clear records without any confusion and mistake.
  • The created invoices, auto- added to accounts receivables .

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