How to Create Estimates in Quickbooks

How to Create QuickBooks in Estimates

QuickBooks provides ‘estimate’ features or tool to its users so that, they easily manages their budgets and gives extensive collection and proposals of work that you planned for your customers. Create Estimates in Quickbooks Estimates are just like ‘invoices’ its only motto is to begin discussion with your customers and helps its users to add data easily from the estimate into an invoice.

Create Estimates in Quickbooks

Points To Creates Estimates

  • First select ‘Edit’ Preferences. • Then select ‘Jobs & Estimates’from file menu.
  • From ‘Company Preferences’, select ‘Yes’ for “Do You Create Estimates” and click “OK’.
  • Now from settings, Click “Yes” and enables estimates in your company file.
  • Thenselect ‘customer’ and click to ‘createan estimate’.
  • Select the name of the customer. In case ofa new customer,click “Add New”.
  • Then, select “Template” and type of estimate.You can choose from “Retail Estimate,” “Quote,” “Proposal” or “Custom Estimate,” which you should choose if the type of estimate you are creating does not fit the other categories.
  • Thenenter all information for the estimate.
  • Select “Customer Message” and click any messages or click “Add New” and write your own messagetothe customer.
  • Click “Save”

How To Manages Estimate

  • You can easily transform your estimates into invoices by selecting “create invoices” from QuickBooksfile options.
  • In case user forgot its any invoiced estimate,thenthe user must go to customer option and click ‘relevant customer’.
  • Users can easilyrevisetheir estimates by click ‘edit’ from QuickBooks file options, and then ‘save’ it.

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