Bypass QuickBooks Registration Process

How to Bypass QuickBooks Registration Process

QuickBooks is one of the best in-a-class reliable software applications that is suitable for small businesses and big enterprises to maintain their business account professionally.  This is not possible to delete the system file to bypass QuickBooks registration process. It is a good idea to Ultra the registration of the hiring process that is beneficial for you in any way to get the real benefit of full access to quick book accounting software for your business.

This article helps you to provide sufficient information in a step-by-step procedure that guides you on the right path to bypass QuickBooks registration process easily. Today we are living in the advanced digital world. It is time to convert manual accounting into computerized accounting to get real-time benefits in your business. You can purchase the trial pack for quick book accounting software to check the working performance and suitability for your business.

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Error Message During QuickBooks Installation

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#1 Step

Look for the “qbregistration.dat” file. If you’re using Windows Vista, 7, or 8, QuickBooks stores the file in the “C:\ProgramData\Common Files\Intuit\QuickBooks” folder.

#2 Step

Right-click the “qbregistration.dat” file. Select “Rename” and rename the file “qbregistration.old.”

#3 Step

Launch a simple text editor app like Notepad and paste the registration code into a blank text document: xx.x”> version”>YES 000-000 0000-0000-0000-000 000073adbf3f

#4 Step

Replace the “xx.x” within the first line of code with “24.0” if you’re using QuickBooks 2014. If you’re using QuickBooks 2013. Use “22.0” if you’ve got QuickBooks 2012. Type “atom” if you’ve got QuickBooks Simple Start. Type “pro” if you’ve got QuickBooks Pro.

#5 Step

Replace “000-000” within the second line of code together with your QuickBooks installation registration number.

#6 Step

Replace “0000-0000-0000-000” within the third line of code together with your QuickBooks registration number.

#7 Step

Save the file as “qbregistration.dat” and choose “All Files” within the Save as Type option. This ensures that no extra code is added to the file and the file remains a DAT file without being changed to a DOC or TXT file. Save the enter an equivalent folder where your “qbregistration.dat” was original.

7 Steps for Bypass QuickBooks Registration Process

You should be aware that QuickBooks can be easily installed into two computers and, the system can read the user name and validate the QuickBooks License for one year while verifying the terms and conditions.

To get the exact result you should follow the steps exactly mentioned.

Bypass QuickBooks Registration
  • Go to the QuickBooks Registration bypass page available on the Intuit website
  • Now, give your license number in the form given
  • Locate Current Ownership subheading >>> mention the details of the existing owner of the QuickBooks
  • In the Next step, get the option which is New Ownership. Provide the name of the person in which you want to bypass QB registration.
  • Mention the proper reason for transferring your QuickBooks license.
  • After mentioning the valid reason, select the Terms, and conditions mentioned.
  • Finally, submit your request. Once it is approved it means the QuickBooks registration bypass is done.

Before following the above steps you are required to remove the registration using QuickBooks Clean Install Utility.

How to Remove Registration in QuickBooks?

It is not possible to delete the system files to bypass the QuickBooks registration process. This is a good idea to modify the QuickBooks registration process which allows you to access the full business accounting software. Let’s see the QuickBooks registration bypass.

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However, when you’re having trouble with the system, it can take an excellent deal of your time. If this is often the case, the most effective way to restart the installation process is to remove the registration file in the program.

Step 1

Right-click “Start” and choose “Explorer,” then “Tools,” then “Folder Options.” looking at the version you’re using, you may need to click “Start,” then “Control Panel,” “Tools” and “Folder Options.”

Step 2

Select “Show hidden files and folders” from the View tab. Click “OK” to save lots of changes.

Step 3

Search for the QuickBooks registration file. Click “Start” again and choose “Search.” Choose “All files and folders.” When prompted, type “quicken.lic” and click on “Search.”

Step 4

Right-click on this file and click on “Delete.” this could undo your original registration, which can allow you to register for the software again and re-download the software.

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  1. How to delete the QuickBooks file to undo the registration to bypass QuickBooks registration process?

    Open the File Explorer in your Windows system
    Then go to the Tools option
    Click on the Folder Option
    Select the tab View
    Click on Show hidden files and folders
    Then click on the OK button to save the changes
    Now search for the registration files of the QuickBooks
    Then click on the Start menu button on your Windows
    Then search for the QuickBooks.lic file and press enter button
    When the files open up
    Then right-click on the File
    Select the delete option to delete it
    This is going to undo the registration process so that you can do it again.

  2. Where the QuickBooks registration file is located if I require it for the procedure of bypassing the QuickBooks registration process?

    All the data related to QuickBooks is stored in the QBRegistration.dat file. The location of the file is:-

    ???? Go to the path C:\Program Data\Common Files\Intuit\QuickBooks
    ???? Find the QBRegistration file
    ???? Open this file directly using QuickBooks.

  3. Do I have to update my Internet Explorer browser before doing the procedure of bypassing the QuickBooks Registration Process?

    Yes, you can update it before going through the process. It helps in not getting any problems while performing the bypass QuickBooks registration process. It also gives a more secure connection after an update and processes the data with security and stability.



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