Group Customers to Batch Invoices


Group Customers to Batch Invoices Services

QuickBooks helps to create one invoice over the same kind of invoices that includes similar price, billing frequency, service/product item, and similar invoice template for different customers. Group Customers to Batch Invoices You can easily one invoice and sent it to multiple customers at a one time.

Group Customers to Batch Invoices

Steps To Grouping Customers To Batch Invoices

  • Go to, menu and select the ‘customers’, then click to ‘create batch invoices’.
  • They display a message ‘Is your information set-up correctly?’ This message displays with mandatory fields such as customers’ sales tax rates and payment terms.
  • Then click ‘ok’ to dismiss the displayed message.
  • From ‘batch invoice’ dialog box, Click on the ‘Billing Group’ and select add new option.
  • Then type ‘Monthly’ in ‘Group Name’ field, saves it from ‘ok’ button.
  • From search results box, which displays all active jobs, select a few jobs of your choice.
  • Now click on ‘Save Group’ option and return to the dialog box. Modify the list, customers/job list.
  • Then go next.
  • After that select installation of item column.
  • By using quantity column, type 5 then goes next.
  • The step 3 get displayed, you can remove any customer/job that you don’t want to invoice at a time.
  • After a preview, click ‘create invoice’.
  • Then from a batch summary dialog box, you can print or email the created invoices Service Phone contact .


  • It helps to choose the line item and rates for the batch invoices.
  • Then you can review the list of invoices to be prepared.
  • QuickBooks helps to create your billing group invoice, edit the name of the group and also assigning customers and jobs.
  • It tracks over each batched invoice and saves the time of editing data.

Source: 99accounting


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