How To Resolve QuickBooks Error Code 1402?


What does the QuickBooks error code 1402 mean?

QuickBooks Error code 1402 usually occurs when there are few issues during the software installation process. There might be numerous issue associated with QuickBooks error code 1402 such as improper/incomplete installation that leads to loss of necessary components leaving QuickBooks Error 1402.

quickbooks error code 1402

In QuickBooks, you can encounter some serious errors while working on the software. You might become clueless and wonder how to fix the error in lesser time. In such a situation, either follow the below instruction or connect with the IT experts at +1-(800)-993-4190 having inclusive experience in tackling such problems effortlessly.

Causes of QuickBooks Error code 1402

  • A corrupted/damaged QuickBooks software Installation file
  • A damaged CD/drive while installing from the drive/CD
  • Incomplete or Inappropriate Installation
  • Windows not yet updated to the recent release

Fixing the QuickBooks Error code 1402

Method 1: Use QuickBooks Installation Tool

  • Firstly, download the QuickBooks software Install Tool from the website
  • Now, switch off any program running in the system
  • Run the installation tool. It might take around 20 minutes for the process to complete.
  • Next, Restart the Windows once the process is done

Method 2: Install & Update Windows

  • Click on the Windows icon from the start bottom
  • Now follow the Window Update instruction  and choose on ‘Check for Updates’
  • Install the pending updates
  • Restart the system after the updates

Method 3: Reinstall QuickBooks  

  • Go to Control Panel and Open the software
  • Now, search ‘Remove or Add Programs’
  • Search for ‘QuickBooks’ and Uninstall it.
  • Now restart your system and Reinstall QuickBooks software again

Resolving the issue on Windows 8:

  1. Press Windows+ R to start the instruction Run on the computer
  2. Start the Account Manager and Local Users. Enter msc in the Run box
  3. Select the user, from the list. Admin account appears on the right side panel
  4. Select the Properties window on the Admin Account
  5. Click on Account Is Disabled
  6. Now, restart the system and log in using Administrator rights
  7. Finally, install QuickBooks software on Windows 8.

Resolving the issue on Windows 7:

  1. On the Windows 7, go to Start button and select Control Panel
  2. Click to User Account and start it.
  3. click on  the Manage another account
  4. select Create a New Account 
  5. Enter the test name and password
  6. Now, select the Create Account
  7. Shut down the computer and then restart
  8. With new credentials, sign in to the Administrator rights
  9. Finally, install QuickBooks software on Windows 7

Still facing the problem?

Hope the solution above is helpful to fix the QuickBooks error 1402, and have no further complication regarding the software. However, you can always avail experts support if still unable to solve the error or need further support.  The QuickBooks experts are knowledgeable enough to carefully identify the real issue and provide a suitable solution in no time.

Contact now at QuickBooks toll-free number 1-800-993-4190, actively available for round the clock. Also, chat via QuickBooks Live Chat at any point of time to avail an immediate response from experts.

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