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As everyone knows that QuickBooks is a world mot wanted accounting software that gives the latest tools and information to manage to account if the business. Set up payroll taxes in QuickBooks is one of the features which not helps the user to manage the payroll with taxes for his/her business easily. In the below article you will get the step for setting up the payroll taxes in QuickBooks.

Payroll taxes in QuickBooks Desktop Online Service

Handling payroll can be time-consuming and a little bit difficult. Every detail needs to be kept in mind while handling the payroll. This is because a large number of employees are depending on you and waiting for the salaries. For these issues setting up the payroll taxes is very important. It not only increases the manage the payroll process but also saves you time.

How to set up Payroll taxes?

Find the tax option

  • Look for the tax button at the main menu bar

Choose the tax center of payroll

  • If you are a QuickBooks Online user you need to adjust QuickBooks payroll online, check whether the Payroll tax option is selected or not
  • Go through all the information and be assured that the QuickBooks team offers you proper support

Taxes set up along with the payroll compliance

  • A list of all the employees that you have already set up will be available on the screen in front of you. You need to set up the birth date as well as how to set up payroll tas the hire date of each employee
  • To get access to all the information fo through the I9 form or W4 form filled by the employee

Put all the Company details – below are the details which need to fill

  • Name of the business – Put the legal name of your business
  • Business Locations – if there is a new address fill it up manually else it will take automatically
  • Date of the first payroll – Mention the date on which you will run the payroll for the first time
  • Date of hiring of the 1st employee – In case the employee was hired within 6 months click yes else no

Put all the details related to Federal tax

Mention the below information

  • FEIN – if you have a federal tax id mention it here if don’t choose No and opt for the Tax id number
  • Forms for payroll tax – file the payroll tax form which is assigned to you
  • Pay federal tax – Select the period on which you would make the federal payroll tax payments
  • Nonprofit status – if you have a nonprofit business click yes or click to No button

Share the details

  • Account number of state employer – This account number is a separate number given by the state.
  • SUI – This is the piece of information assign to each employer by EDD
  • Deposit Schedule – as an employer you need to file a schedule on which you will be set up payroll taxes in QuickBooks
  • ETT – employment training tax is the same for all the employees belonging to the same state

Set up the E file and E pay functions

  • You will be getting two options for the payment, either select thee pay option or e file option or choose the manual payment
  • Account cares recommend that E file and E pay option as they save time and process if purely automatic
  • On the other hand manual option, need to make the payment through the paper coupons this is a lengthy process and consume time also

Make Tax PAyments

  • After finishing the complete process, look for the setting icon and select the payroll setting option

How to Get in touch with us?

For any help feel free to connect with the QuickBooks experts. The team highly experienced and trained to tackle all types of errors in minimum time. Experts are available QuickBooks 24*7 to support you at any time. You can also do a live chat with the experts to save your time and get a reply instantly and resolve all your issues quickly.

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