How to Process Intuit Merchant Services Credit Card

Intuit Merchant Services Credit Card

You can make use of QuickBooks Software on your desktop for credit card and bank transfer payments. You can also accept payments using the software. For this, you have to integrate Intuit Merchant Service Credit Card processing with your accounting system. All transaction processing can be carried out easily with QuickBooks.


How does Intuit Merchant Service Credit Card Processing work?

  • You set up a merchant account
  • This account is set up with QuickBooks Payments
  • Here, QuickBooks acts as the credit card processor
  • For this, you have to swipe your customer’s credit card
  • Or you can enter the details manually
  • Your Credit Card details whether Visa or Master Card are sent to the bank with the help of QuickBooks
  • Whether the transaction is accepted or declined, the response from the bank will be sent back to QuickBooks
  • The software in turn will send the response back to you
  • If the card is approved, the money will be credited from your account
  • All these can be completed in very few seconds

Steps for Intuit Merchant Services Credit Card Processing

  • Go to Merchant Service Center
  • Sign in using your Intuit Email Id and Password
  • Intuit QuickBooks Payment page appears
  • Now select Processing Tools from the Top Menu visible on the screen
  • Click on Charge a Card from the dropdown list under Credit Card transactions.
  • The required fields with the payment information need to filled in manually
  • Or else, you can opt for the option “Click to swipe card”. This can be done only if a USB card reader is available
  • Click Submit
  • If a U.S. format zip code is not available on the card, then the bank needs to be contacted.
  • You can also use Debit cards if they can be processed as a credit card.
  • Once the payment is processed, you will see a confirmation page
  • This can be printed or send to you via email
  • Click Done
  • Charge a card screen will display.

Thus, your Intuit Merchant Services Credit Card Processing is completed by following the above-mentioned steps.

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