How to Merge Two QuickBooks Company Files


The QuickBooks users can merge their company files using different ways. These different ways are manual and automatic. Both ways work well, but it is recommended to go with the automatic solution by using the combined reports feature of QuickBooks software.

In this article, you get to know what cannot be merged and how to merge two company files successfully.

Why merge QuickBooks Company Files?

There is a file merge service that can be used to merge QuickBooks company data files. There are various situations because of that you have to merge the files.

These situations are as follows:-

  • Consolidating multiple data files into a single file when added a class to each of the company files
  • You have used a local data file to enter the data but not the network data file
  • Before uploading the file merge the data files properly
  • You made two different files and now you want to merge these files into one.

Few actions are required before merging two QuickBooks Company Files

The actions that you have to perform are listed here:-

  • Backup your company files 
  • Update your QuickBooks to the latest release
  • Update your company file if they are not
  • Check the compatibility of the Windows system.

Things to remember while merging the QuickBooks Files

  • You can merge accounts in the situation when they both have the same name, type, and gradable level.
  • Log into your files and then turn them to the multi-user mode that makes space for the combination routine.
  • The combined efforts are easy to read, also create Chart of Accounts identically in different company files that benefit you a lot.
  • You are not able to merge the accounts if:-
    • The accounts have different account numbers then you are not able to merge it
    • When they are at different levels like the account or sub-account.
    • When the spelling of the account is different.

List of data that cannot be merged

  • QuickBooks is not supporting the merging of the bank reconciliation.
  • Customer fields are impossible to merge from the transactions.
  • From the secondary files, the memorized transaction for not able to transfer.
  • The data files that have negative inventory and assembly builds are unable to merge.
  • The to-do list and customer notes cannot be merged.
  • Payroll checks won’t display in the payroll reports as they are combined in the form of regular checks.
  • The data files that have sales tax for items and Groups cannot be much as they got modified eventually.
  • Not able to merge attachments, budgets, and forecasts.
  • Add the users again to the company file as they won’t be able to merge.
  • The templates are also not mergeable. So for this first merge files and then manually merge the templates in the new file.

What are the solution steps to merge two QuickBooks company files?

There are various methods that can be used to combine or merge two company files into a single file.

These solutions are explained below:-

Export reports manually to Merge Two QuickBooks Company Files

Total Time: 10 minutes

  1. Step One

    Open QuickBooks account

  2. Step Two

    Then open the data file that you want to export

  3. Step Three

    Create a report for this file

  4. Step Four

    Export the file into an Excel worksheet

  5. Step Five

    Save this worksheet into your system

  6. Step Six

    Then open the second data file into your QuickBooks account

  7. Step Seven

    Now create the same report

  8. Step Eight

    Export the report to the new Excel sheet

  9. Step Nine

    After exporting, save this report into your system

  10. Step Ten

    Then open the Microsoft Excel software and workbook

  11. Step Eleven

    Now, you have to manually merge two reports in another worksheet

  12. Step Twelve

    Save this workbook and you are done.

Alternate Solution – Use built-in feature of combined reports to Merge Two QuickBooks Company Files

  • Open the QuickBooks account
  • Then click on the reports menu
  • From further drop-down options, click on combined records from multiple companies 
  • Then go to another company file
  • Click on the Open option
  • You have to repeat these steps for the additional file that you want to merge
  • From the select reports for combining
  • Choose the reports that you want to merge
  • You have to fill the date range field from and to
  • To select the report basis
  • Click on the combined report in Excel
  • Now Excel sheet appears on your screen with combined information
  • Now you are done with merging the company files.


  1. Which reports can be merged while processing merge two QuickBooks company files using combine reports features?

    The various reports that can be merged are as follows:-

    1. Trial Balance
    2. Statement of Cash Flows
    3. Profit and Loss by Class
    4. Profit and Loss by Standard
    5. Balance sheet Summary
    6. Balance sheet Standard

  2. What are the steps for sending the transactions into a different company file into QuickBooks POS?

    1. In QuickBooks, go to the Financial menu
    2. Further, click o the Financial Center
    3. Choose option Advanced Options
    4. Then click on the Recover Data Now
    5. Select Continue button
    6. After that, click on the date range and select 

  3. How to assign classes when you want to merge two QuickBooks company files?

    The classes for company files can be assigned to the primary and secondary files only. This can be done before merging the company files. After that, you have to run the financial reports like Profit and loss by class, balance sheet by class, and more. Then the reports do match the original files.

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