How Products Are Assembled In QuickBooks 2017?

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QuickBooks is not just popular for accounts and finance handling and keeping track of all reports. It’s also popular for invoicing, tracking and maintaining lists, creating inventory list,s and so on. That is why when you work with this software, you are fully sorted. Most small and medium businesses have adapted to this software for maintaining accounts and finances, and startups are doing so.

If you are using QuickBooks for a manufacturing unit, where manufactured items are kept account of, then you would get a nice tool in QuickBooks in the Premium and Enterprise versions, which let you do the job. This can be explained with a simple example. Suppose you are keeping records of a company that is selling greeting cards. But once in a year, it sells Valentine cards with chocolates and flowers. In such a case the assembly of all these items into one gift hamper can be recorded in QuickBooks.

Identification of individual items

If you are trying to Assemble Products in QuickBooks all items, then you will have to input each item one by one in the QuickBooks records. Also, the assembled product has to be identified as an item in the list.

To build the Assembly for Assemble Products in QuickBooks

Now after recording individual items, you will have to assemble them to form the assembled item like the example gift hamper. For this you need to follow the following steps:

  • Go to Vendors
  • Click on Inventory activities
  • Click on Build Assemblies
  • You may also select the Build Assemblies icon in the Company section from the home screen.

Following the above, you would get the Build Assemblies window on QuickBooks. Next, you will have to choose all those items from the Assembly drop-down menu, which you want to include in the assembly. Enter or select quantities against each one in the Build text box. You will find the box at the right lower of the window. Now you may choose to select any of the Build and New buttons and the Build and Close button. In case you want to record other items’ assembly, you should click on Build and New.

A few things to observe about the Build assemblies commands and the window

  • The number of assemblies can be found in the top middle part of the window. Here you can find the quantities currently with you, and the amounts ordered by customers for every item. This is much important piece of information.
  • You get the bill of materials which is the list of items that goes into the product, and you find it on the Build Assemblies.
  • At the bottom of the same list, you also get the limit of assembles which you may make based on your current stock holdings.
  • When you create an item, the inventory item count can be adjusted using QuickBooks.
  • You may find a few components in the assembly, due to the inclusion of non-inventory parts in an assembly.

With that, you develop a clear idea of the process of Assemble Products in QuickBooks.

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