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QuickBooks File Doctor Is Not Working

First, you need to know what a QuickBooks File Doctor.

QuickBooks File Doctor is a rectifier tool for QuickBooks issues that helps to identify errors and unwanted hard drive issues. The QuicKbooks Desktop stops doing their work in view of various reasons that create hindrance and interrupt your work. It may stop working due to harmful viruses created deliberately by the virus author to put you in trouble. But you don’t be sad a powerful weapon is to believe in yourself. Keep faith in yourself and also on QuickBooks Helpdesk who has every solution to your problem.

What are the reasons that responsible for QuickBooks File Doctor is not working?

Here we lined up some reasons that could create hindrance in your QuickBooks:

  1. Maybe you continuously try to operate the files that are incorporated or damaged
  2. When you have reverted the pristine Company File version that using the network then, you will be stuck because of this error
  3. Tried to restore files in an unsymmetrical way
  4. Make sure your file not infected or affected
  5. Make sure all files are stored in your system, otherwise, missed out files show interference during the time of installation
  6. Make sure that you don’t store incomplete updated files
  7. Proofread that the file is not misplaced. If yes, place it first then jump to the next step.

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Common File Doctor Not Working error messages

An error originates to make you annoyed or frustrated. But there is also a medicine for every problem. QuickBooks file Doctor acts as a medicine for a user to overcome the little-bit issues without asking much effort or support. Technical things are considered in machines and machines need their oil after a particular period of time. This type of error surely puts you in a deserted mind. QuickBooks will support you to give ideas, the reason for origination and solutions. Read all the solutions mentioned-below and implement one that is suitable to you.

Here are few Resolutions for you to correct the QuickBooks File Doctor Not Working Error

Resolution 1: Learn how to operate QuickBooks File Doctor by yourself

Most of the time, the problem will be ended by changing the settings automatically to manually. Read below mentioned points to change the settings:

  1. Go to the QuickBooks File Doctor application and open it in your system
  2. Hold on till the window of No Company Open will display on your screen
  3. After that, visit the File context box and then choose the optionUtilities
  4. Then further click on the Repair File and Network Problems option
  5. Then the box containing the text display on your screen you have to press the OK tab. Restart your QuickBooks File Doctor under the owners rights
  6. Click on the yes button displayed on context box
  7. Move your cursor to the wrench like icon and open the QuickBooks Doctor then proceed with the continue option
  8. After this, enter your login information to reach your destination. Now, all your problem creating bacteria cleaned and QuickBooks File Doctor start functioning smoothly
  9. Go to the Advanced Setting tab, then choose the File Diagnosis Only option
  10. Press on the button name Next
  11. When your system start working in normal condition, then you have to go to the file for the more issues or problems if required


If it’s not helpful then, read the QuickBooks next solution, maybe it works for you.

Resolution 2: To repair the .QBW extension file that is damaged

First of all, do the Back-up of all your data before starting the repair process. The backup is one of the easiest for a preferable way to move out of the files that are damaged with the existing one. Implement this method by following the steps that have mentioned below:

  1. First, open the application QuickBooks
  2. Then, go to the option File menu
  3. Then, look out for “Open or Restore Company” and it chooses
  4. After that, press the option that says “Click Open or Restore Copy” and pursue further by clicking on the “Next” key.
  5. Choose the “Local Backup” and then click on the “Next” key
  6. You have to browse and select the backup file location when a drop-down menu will display
  7. Now, you have to select those file who has a “QBB extension”
  8. For the next process, click on “Open” and then “Next” key
  9. Select the location for restoring files when the “Save In drop-down” menu will appear on the screen
  10. Write the identity of the file in the name position. A message the “Save as” will directly appear with the entry of the “.QBW” file
  11. Then you need to click on the “Save” button to save the file that you have moved from place to place

Performing this method as exactly mentioned may solve your problem. If still this problem alters your system working efficiently. Don’t be panic just read out the next resolution.

Resolution 3: For using Auto Data Recovery

QuickBooks files are examined on their own with the help of the Auto Data Recovery. To fabricate the files this process takes longer time than usual. In this a backup of your error free files is stored automatically in the folder with the same name as Auto Data Recovery. This backup is to stay for a limited time that is 12-24 hrs only. The timing also depends on the QuickBooks application; in other words the backup stays time is equal to the application running time. if you close the application so the backup can disappear.

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Resolution 4: Check for hosting mode and also check settings of antivirus

It’s very important to know that the tool QuickBooks File Doctor is working efficiently. If you feel there is something that bothers your work then you have to turn off the hosting mode from your system. After that do change the setting of the Firewall to allow the connections distantly from the system so idle things will not interrupt your work. To avoid the damage that occurs because of viruses, if you are using one of the security systems like McAfee, Norton, etc then follow the below mentioned points:

  1. In your system, open the security system software that you are using and go to the option Web & Email Protection
  2. You have to visit the firewall section and select the tab name Ports and System Services
  3. Now, click the “Add” key
  4. Under the services name you have to type eMule
  5. Then type the date of TCP for your QuickBooks Desktop in the local TCP/IP
  6. For your QuickBooks application, in the local UDP Port do type the TCP data
  7. Now, move your cursor on option name Open Ports to and then from the drop-down options click on the All PCs
  8. When you are done with all of this process click the “Save” key and reboot your computer system.

QuickBooks File Doctor Tool can help you to detect the following error messages

It definitely assists you to resolve various trouble that comes across to you while using the application include-

  1. Error 6150, error 6000 -82, error 6000 -305, error 6000 -301, error 6147, or error 6130) lost or empty lists for your customers, vendors or employees
  2. Connectivity errors when opening QuickBooks over a network or multi-user set up (H101, H202, H303, or H505 error)
  3. Harshly infected company files that will not work, but you are able to open sample company files (or other files)

If you are facing any problem regarding this then you should download the QuickBooks File Doctor for the smooth functioning of your computer.

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