4 Ways To Fix QuickBooks Error code 1311

QuickBooks Error 1311 Update and Installation

QuickBooks error code 1311 pops up when users attempt to export a report to Excel from the financial statement writer. As the entire accounting process in any organization is about going back and forth between accounting software and excel. This error might make it difficult for business productivity. Apart from popping up while exporting the files to Excel, this error also appears when users are updating QuickBooks using a CD-ROM or any other compact disk device. It can also be possible when there is some issue with your device. But don’t worry! This article rounded up with complete resolutions along with possible causes and symptoms of this error. With the help of the below-described methods, you can resolve this error with much ease.

Error 1311: “Source file not found:”C:\Program Files(x86)\Intuit\QuickBooks 2008\…\Data1.cab”. Verify that all exists and that you can access it.

Click Retry to retry the failed action or click Cancel to cancel this action and continue setup.

QuickBooks Error Code 1311

4 Possible reasons that could lead to QuickBooks Error Code 1311

Every QuickBooks users need to understand the causes of this error as this can help in avoiding the error pop-ups. Here are some of the factors that commonly cause this error:

  1. The CD from which you might be installing is corrupt.
  2. The Microsoft office is damaged or corrupt.
  3. There is some problem with the CD-ROM drive.
  4. Your Microsoft office version might not be compatible with the QuickBooks program.

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3 signs and symptoms of QuickBooks Error Code 1311

Here are some of the indications of this error:

  1. Whenever a file is being exported to any media, QuickBooks freezes entirely.
  2. Installation of QuickBooks Desktop with a company disk is failing repeatedly.
  3. The user is unable to export one or multiple reports from QB FSD to Microsoft Excel.

4 Effective troubleshooting methods to fix QuickBooks Error Code 1311

There are various methods available to rectify this error easily and quickly. A few of them are discussed below:

Method 1: Restricting CD-ROM access

  1. In the very first steps, you need to go to the Windows Start >>> Settings >>> Control Panel
  2. Next, pick Administrative Tools
  3. Now, click Local Security Policy and then expand the folder of local policies
  4. After that, choose any one security options as per your Windows version requirement
  5. In the last steps, change the selection to option “Disabled” and then restart your PC.

Method 2: Use QuickBooks CD

  1. Firstly, insert the QuickBooks CD into your CD-ROM drive
  2. Next, go to the Windows Start button and make a right-click to select
  3. After that, you have to create a new folder in order to copy the installation files
  4. Locate the QuickBooks CD-ROM
  5. Once find then make a right-click on the same and choose the Explore option
  6. Finally, browse to QuickBooks as well as third-party folders, copy them and paste it into the new folder that you created.

Method 3: Scanning and Installation

  1. Go to the Windows Start button and select All Programs
  2. Next, make a Right-click the Command button and pick Run As Administrator
  3. Inside the Command Prompt window, type SFC/SCANNOW and then hit Enter
  4. Now, type Msiexec/region within the Command Prompt window once the scan finishes and then hit Enter
  5. After that, Inside the Command Prompt window, type Msiexec/regserver and then press Enter
  6. Proceed with the product installation of Creative Suite.

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Method 4: Verify the compatibility of Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office needs to adjust to using the Financial Statement Designer. This is how reports can be exported directly into Office from QuickBooks.

  1. Double-click Add or Delete Programs and navigate to the Control Panel.
  2. To make those changes, pick Microsoft Office.
  3. It is important to update the version to Microsoft 2000 or later.

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