Unable to Print from QuickBooks

What to do when you are unable to print from QuickBooks?

If you are using QuickBooks, you are using it for maintaining your small or medium business in a way, that you can handle all aspects on your own as far as financial accounting goes. The software is a masterpiece in helping in all financial database handling, inputting data, drawing graphs and performance reports, etc from it. Therefore it’s for sure that while using the software, you would have the need to print reports, database sheets, etc. But being a regular user, you may come across a problem with QuickBooks. And that is the printing problem.

Some Causes of the unable to print from QuickBooks error that might appear:-

  • Desktop not working.
  • Not able to print via printer.
  • Some sort of difficulty is linked with the choice of printer, Microsoft XPS Paper writer on XPS port.
  • QuickBooks application is not able to save the form or reports as a .pdf.

The problem you may face with printing a file using QuickBooks

Normally when you try to print things you always directly get prints of invoices, forms, etc from QuickBooks. But sometimes you may encounter an error in printing. When you try to print files and documents you may get this error. Work gets unnecessarily interrupted of you get such problems. Normally one quick solution is to call the QuickBooks tech support telephone number contact . But there are some other tricks and tips, which you may try before you call the helpline.

The problems you may get with printing while using QuickBooks are as follows:

  • You cannot print using the QuickBooks EnterpriseSuite Edition
  • Then You cannot print invoices of customers
  • You may also get the 1099 printing problem, and there is a dedicated system to sort that
  • Sometimes missing or corrupt files in windows 7 may be the reason for the problem
  • Error with PDF printing using QuickBooks
  • Printing checks using the QuickBooks accounting software

The quick steps that may help

  • Try renaming the QuickBooks Qbprint.qbp file to some other name, and try to print again.
  • In case you fail again, try printing another file with that same format as the earlier one. If the file again encounters a problem then maybe the problem is with the software. But if the next file gets printed, you may have a corrupted file problem there.
  • If you tried batch printing earlier change it to single print and try again. Though it’s a time-consuming process, it still may be a good solution.
  • Always check that the printer drivers are okay and updated.

If all of the above steps are of no use in your case, then you possibly need advanced help. The QuickBooks customer support can be contacted them, or the Intuit certified advisers team can also be contacted.

Often it happens that you may blame the software without checking your printer. There may be a hardware problem with the printer like a paper jam, ink blockage, etc, which may get unnoticed. That is why checking the software and hardware of the printer is also required when you are facing the problem. This way you will be able to tell the QuickBooks customer support, people, easily if your printer is working okay or not.

If you are using Mac OS, then the steps for fixing things will be different. For that, you will have to read other support documents.

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