QuickBooks Error “The File Exists”

What does mean QuickBooks Error: “The File Exists”

When the user tries to access their QuickBooks software or company file they might encounter an error message persistently stating “QuickBooks Error “The File Exists”. This error can be due to the following reasons:

  • The file might already be in use with a different program or application.
  • The file could be opened in another application.
  • Last reason for this error could be that the file is set as ‘Read -Only’ format.
The File Exists

The error should be resolved under the expert guidance of the QuickBooks team. The user can also try to resolve the problem by trying the following listed two solutions as recommended by Intuit. The first solution is more of troubleshooting steps while the basic solution is the second one.

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What are the Resolutions to fix the QuickBooks Error “The File Exists”

Resolution 1: When the user tries to access the portal for Payroll which is currently updated and ready to install the changes. If there is some imperative component missing from the system user will encounter the message QuickBooks Error “The File Exists”. In such a case, the user can simply ignore the error message which will not permanently resolve the error. But the user might be able to continue working on the system after ignoring the message a few times. The error prompt goes away on its own after a while. The possible reason for this could be that a new screen opens up. Another trick is to update the QuickBooks software to the latest edition available in the market.

Resolution 2: This method of resolving QuickBooks Error “The File Exists” is a little more complicated and is going to perform with guidance from  QuickBooks experts. This error occurs when the software is installing payroll updates or the user is trying to access an imperative federal or state form. Another possible scenario could be that the user is processing liabilities payments that have been scheduled. In such cases, the user will encounter pop-up messages as listed below:

  • The file user is trying to open is already open with another application. Herein, the user will have to try and locate which application is using the file and close the access of the file. Another reason could be that the file has been saved under Read-Only format which stops the user from making any changes within it.
  • The error could occur if there are certain components missing from the Windows operating system.
  • The QuickBooks software might have read the file required inaccurately which could lead to QuickBooks Error “The File Exists”.

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Another troubleshooting steps to resolve the QuickBooks Error “The File Exists”

The above points might help to resolve the issue. However, the user can try additional troubleshooting steps listed below to resolve the same:

  • Upgrade your Windows operating system
  • Reset the setting of security software like antivirus, and firewall, etc.
  • Run Reboot.bat.

Wrapping up

If the additional steps do not work and the user is still encountering the error then you have to with the QuickBooks technical support team. You can also try to contact an alternative support agency like BusinessAccountings. In case, customer support cannot be connected due to a long queue then you can connect through a live chat option.

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