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How to Recover QuickBooks Error code 6129, 101

What QuickBooks Error code 6129, 101 Means

QuickBooks has widely accepted accounting software across the globe due to its strong features and tools but it is also known that like any other powerful software QuickBooks is also susceptible to errors. However, when there is an issue with QuickBooks it becomes imperative to resolve the issue to avoid business loss. One of the common errors is QuickBooks error -6129, 101 that displays a warning, when the user attempts to access the company file under QuickBooks software or tries to create a new file.

QuickBooks errors come with an error message and error code that helps to specify the exact reason for the occurrence of the error. Intuit has recommended different ways to resolve the errors with simple steps. For further assistance or any query, QuickBooks Customer Service can be approached immediately.

How to Recover QuickBooks Error code 6129, 101

QuickBooks Error 6129, 101 indicates that the computer hosting the QuickBooks program is restricting the user from creating company records or files successfully and ends up popping up when the user attempts to model a new company file of the software. One more reason behind the occurrence of the error is when the user accesses the company file with a certain windows operating system. Some of the Windows OS that aids in QuickBooks error 6129, 101 are: Windows 2000, ME, XP, Vista, 7, 8, and Windows 10.

Sign and Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 6129 and 101

  • The PC crashes with the error code, on running a similar application.    
  • This error code shows up on the screen and a functioning window crashes.
  • Another manifestation of the equivalent can be a drowsy window working to the console or mouse reaction.
  • Additionally, on the off chance that the system freezes, at that point, this error could be distinguished.

Why Does the QuickBooks Error 6129 and 101 Occur?

Intuit brought out three major causes for the occurrence of the QuickBooks Error 6129, 101.

They are as follows:

  • Antivirus security software hinders in creating new company file or record
  • Damaged or Corrupt network file with extension – .nd.
  • Re-organizing of company file from old QuickBooks folder at the time when the admin login of user’s system is not working properly.
  • The system hosting the QB software and company file is different.

How to Resolve QuickBooks Error  -6129, 101?

Intuit suggested many ways to resolve QuickBooks errors 6129, 101 that are listed below. In case the first resolution method fails attempt the second and similarly the third method. It is recommended that all the resolutions should be followed in the sequence they are mentioned for successful results.

Method 1: In case Operating Windows in Safe Mode then needs to disable the antivirus program.

  • Start the computer under safe mode.
  • After the system starts safely disable the antivirus employed. Ensure that network connectivity is down before disabling of the antivirus software. When the steps completes user can reassign the antivirus software with the system without turning on the Internet:
  • Recreate company file of QuickBooks
    • Switch the normal mode on from Safe mode -> Restart the computer system.
    • Go to QuickBooks software -> try to open the company file.

Resolution 2: Structure another folder and open company files under QuickBooks through this folder

  • Open a new folder.
  • Transfer all the QuickBooks company files (ending with .QBW only) to the new folder.
  • In case QuickBooks is hosted in one system then the user can open the company file now, however, the company file if opened on more than one system then follow the next step.
  • Go to start -> Click on Programs -> QuickBooks -> Select the folder named QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  • Choose scan folders option.
  • If no file is displayed -> Go to add folder option -> add it now.
  • Click on scan and once it is over close the window.
  • Open the QuickBooks Company file.

Resolution 3: In case the QuickBooks error 6129, 101 crops up while restructuring Organization Records

The primary step is to diagnose if the error occurs with only one record or all of the records. Attempt to open another record within the company file. Further, the user needs to access their administrator right to get into the system and restore the company file. In the scene, the user is unable to fetch administrator rights that are required to connect with proficient IT tech experts.

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