Unable to Send Email from QuickBooks

How to solve the Unable to Send Email from QuickBooks?

Look at the small and medium business segments worldwide using accounting and business finance help software, and you would see how popular the usage of QuickBooks is in this segment. Every small and medium entrepreneur, who loves taking charge of his own hands and monitoring things on his own, loves using this software for a complete and comprehensive accounting and invoicing solution. Generate invoices, fetch reports, update data, tally accounts, send and receive reports, print and watch documents and files and do all that using only one nice to use software and that is QuickBooks.

Prime causes you are getting an error when sending emails

  • QuickBooks is going under admin account on windows
  • Incorrect settings of the email client
  • If the MapI32.dll file is damaged
  • Errors while connecting QuickBooks
  • Mistakes while installing Outlook application on Windows
  • Outlook program is working in the background while sending emails

Even a novice can handle the ultra-efficient QuickBooks

The software is actually user friendly for many reasons. You get ultra-professional services from it, and at the same time, its interface and systems are too easy to understand and handle for even a novice who is just a beginner with computers. That is why the software which can get updated and give access instantly to all data and connect clients and customers online is so much in demand. You can print reports in a whiff because of the direct printing facility which lets you print documents, files, and PDFs, invoices, etc online without the need to download things. You also enjoy direct emailing, wherein you send and receive emails directly.

A common problem with emailing

Users of the software face a common problem worldwide. And it’s about emailing. The tech support team of QuickBooks available through their helpline number can solve the problem with emailing. However, before you get help from them, you may try some of these steps to see if the problem gets solved. To solve the issue, you must detect that which part of the software the problem is occurring. Once you detect it right half of the problem solved.

In case you are facing the issue that the forms you are sending via email, are not getting sent on time. In such a case, you will first have to note that the sending involves two steps in the process, which are:

  • The software will first convert all form stat you are sending into the PDF file format.
  • Next, it will send the files by attaching them to the mail and adding a cover note.

Now if the PDF created a heavy file containing lots of media and text, then automatically it will take the software a lot more time to send it, and hence the process of emailing will get slow. This problem therefore gets solved when the file size is maintained to be below 25000 MB.

But there are certainly varied problems, and you may face emailing problems due to some other reasons. In those cases, you must contact the tech help support quickly, and get the resolution. The QuickBooks 24×7 is another branch of support that is even faster in helping and you may get support from them in emergencies in case you cannot find any resolution to the email sending problem while using the accounting software.



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