How do I Renew my QuickBooks Self Employed Subscription?

QuickBooks renewal Subscription is the process in which the user goes through continuing the accounting software’s subscription to the next billing cycle. If you have ended the subscription and need to re-begin the existing account, then here you will get the relevant information. The article will cover the answer to how do I renew my QuickBooks Self-Employed subscription.

When did you need to renew the QuickBooks subscription?

If the users want to re-use the existing account after ending the subscription, they can renew the QuickBooks payroll subscription. You can easily renew it and also use the existing accounting information within one year. Fortunately, QuickBooks holds up your previous information for one year once you cancel the subscription. You only need to sign in to QuickBooks Self-employed within a year, start paying the subscription and then resume from where you’re left.


Proceed with Renew/Re-subscribe to QuickBooks Self-employed:

You can easily renew the QuickBooks subscription on a Web browser, Android or iPhone. Here are the steps you need to follow:

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Web Browser:

You require signing in to QuickBooks Self-employed to get the re-subscribe option. Here is the list of steps:

  1. Login to QuickBooks Self-Employed
  2. Choose the profile icon.
  3. Hit on billing info
  4. Discover View Options to view the different types of Subscription like the TaxBundle
  5. Choose to Subscribe
  6. Review the QuickBook billing & payment info
  7. Hit on the Subscribe option
  8. You will get an email confirmation with order logs.


  1. Login to QuickBooks Self-Employed application
  2. Click on the Profile icon
  3. Hit on Settings
  4. Choose Subscription option
  5. Now review all the options of subscription.
  6. Click on Subscribe now button.
  7. Follow the same steps for iTunes and then confirm it.
  8. You will get the confirmation regarding order details at your email address.

Tablet or Android

Here are the steps:

  1. Sign-in into QuickBooks Self-employed
  2. Click on the Menu icon
  3. Choose subscription
  4. Now you need to review the subscription options.
  5. Hit on the Subscribe now button
  6. Follow the instruction for your application store and then hit on confirm
  7. You will get confirmation of the order details from the application store.

The thing you need to note:

When you use the mobile application to subscribe, you are billed with the registered account connected to the device application store. The billing is managed by Google Play, indirectly through the QuickBooks self-employed. There might be a difference in the email address in the billing and QuickBooks sign-in. you can even edit or modify the billing information in QuickBooks Self-employed.

How to update Billing information in QuickBooks Self-employed?

Here are the steps:

  1. Login to QuickBooks Self-employed in a web browser instead of mobile application
  2. Choose the profile icon.
  3. Click on billing info.
  4. Locate Payment information option
  5. Click Edit button
  6. Now update the payment info.
  7. Click the checkbox for acknowledging the modification and update confirmation.
  8. Write the current address and then the new address in the text field to update the billing address.
  9. Once you are done, choose the Update button and then click on the Close option.

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Resolve Subscription Errors

If you cancel the QuickBooks account and do not view the re-subscribe button, then there might consider a possibility of a cancellation error it displays pending. In such a scenario, you are still eligible to access the account till your next billing cycle. If your account is canceled, you can re-subscribe it. You can get information regarding account cancellation or the status of that through the help desk.


That all about How to do; I renew my QuickBooks Self-Employed Subscription guide! Hopefully, the above write-up is beneficial for you to proceed with the process confidently. Stay in touch on this platform to get updated and informative articles on accounting solutions.

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  1. How to update the billing and subscription information to renew my QuickBooks Self-Employed subscription?

    1. In QuickBooks Self-Employed, click on the Gear icon that is also the Profile icon
    2. Further select the Billing Info option
    3. Go to the Payment Information Section
    4. Click on the Pencil icon that is Edit icon to edit the information
    5. Now update your information
    6. Also, tick mark the checkbox to confirm that the changes you have done are correct and confirm to update
    7. After all the updates, click on the Update button
    8. Then click on the Close button to close the window and you are done.

  2. What if I want to upgrade my QuickBooks Self-Employed to the TurboTax Self-Employed bundle and then go to renew my QuickBooks Self-Employed subscription?

    You can easily upgrade QuickBooks Self-Employed to the TurboTax Self-Employed bundle and after that you can renew it normally as you do.

    To upgrade the steps are:-

    1. Open your QuickBooks software
    2. Click on Gear icon
    3. Then select the Billing Information
    4. Search for the TurboTax logo
    5. After searching, click on the option Get our Tax Bundle
    6. You have to select the Subscribe Now or Switch now button
    7. Follow all the steps to add the information for the payment
    8. Click on the Subscribe to bundle
    9. When it is done then click on the Done button.

    Now, the QuickBooks is upgraded and also subscribed to the QuickBooks or you can say renewal is done. So, you can use it with ease without any issues.

  3. What features do I get if I upgrade and renew my QuickBooks Self-Employed subscription?

    There are great features of QuickBooks Self-Employed and it is also a great software for the contractors that are independent and all other freelancers out there.

    The features includes:-

    1. The miles can be tracked automatically, also categorized trips done by software and you get the shareable reports.
    2. You can run the basic report that is year-by-year work activity summaries.
    3. Get automatic quarterly tax calculations so you don’t get a burden at the year-end and you can save that money quarterly till submission.
    4. In the invoice, you can now use QuickBooks payments and can easily get bank transfers and credit card payments. Also you can do reminders and status updates.
    5. You can organize the things by capturing it like capturing the picture of receipts and categorizing them on the go.
    6. The biggest thing is you organize your finances automatically by just importing the transactions. Import is done securely.
    7. All this can be done using the QuickBooks Self-Employed software only.

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