How to Fix TurboTax Error 102345




How to Solution Turbo Tax 102345 Error

In the windows software, when you try to open the “Turbo Tax file” more than once and this error message “Turbo Tax error 102345” will appear on your open window. Then there are lots of chances that you are open to a non-tax document. Usually, this issue occurs due to many causes whereas the “Misconfigured System File” is one of the major issues among all. These system files lead to creating registry errors in your system. The user has to repair this error as quickly as possible. In this blog, you get all the necessary information with all possible solutions to figure out this error issue.

What are the main roots behind the Turbo Tax Error 102345?

Before solving any issue, first, make sure you know about all major factors due to which that error occur and create major problems. There are certain factors, due to which this error will pop-up on your screen listed below:

  • This error encounters when you try to open the non-tax file on the Turbo tax software
  • The presence of corrupted or damaged files in the turbo tax may causes this error issues
  • If you open the tax file from an earlier version, this error will appear on your screen
  • Spyware, Adware, and virus threats alert may cause this error issue
  • Due to the wrong registry issue, this error issue may causes

How to fix TurboTax Error 102345?

Before, fixing this error issue, make sure the user must be updated with the most recent version of Turbo Tax software. To get confirmation, check the current status of this software. To check the updates, enter your click on the “check for updates” options and the current version is visible on your screen.

In any case, if you find an earlier version then firstly install the most upgraded version of this software. After configuring all new settings, restart your system.

After following the above instructions, you are accessible to figure out this issue with all possible solutions

Solution 1: User can use the “Automatically Fix with RegCure Pro” tool to repair this error

  • The first thing user have to do to install the “Regcure Pro” on your screen
  • Wait until the installation process is not getting completed with upgrade settings
  • Then, enter your next click on the “Scan” button and the detection process will begin to detect the error issue
  • After that, hit your click on the “fix errors” button from the available options and follow all visible instructions on your screen
  • It leads to automatically detect and fix this issue within a while
  • To make sure whether the issue is resolved or not, restart your system.

Solution 2: User has to optimize your system with Plumbytes

  • First of all, the user needs to be download the “Plumbytes
  • Then proceed forward with the installation wizard on-screen instructions
  • The next thing you have to do to launch the “Plumbyte” just by clicking on it
  • Mark your click and select all and choose the “Remove” option to erase all threats in your system and you are all resolved with this error.

For more inquiries, connect with the Turbo tax expertise team

Hopefully, the above information is enough to figure out the “TurboTax Error 102345” issue but still need any help or guidance. No need to worry, just dial customer helpline number +1800-993-4190. They provide 24-hour availability service to resolve all your issues with proper guidance. For any suggestion or to clarify your all doubt, get in touch with the experts’ team via the LIVE CHAT, this link is available at the right corner of the website.

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