3 Ways to Fix QuickBooks License Error After Clone

3 Ways to Fix QuickBooks License Error After Clone

What is QuickBooks License Error After Clone

QuickBooks License Error is a post-cloning error. The information is always encrypted in QuickBooks files, and when this encrypted file is missing or corrupted, the “QuickBooks License Error” arises. Other reasons are outdated QuickBooks, damaged Windows MSXML files, or unsaved.QBO file before importing QB. QuickBooks License Error can be fixed by removing the file EntitlementDataStore.ecml. 

Error: QuickBooks License Error after Clone

The main reason to clone the hard drive of your computer is to have better performance. But it has the QuickBooks in it that also got shifted to the new computer. So this leads you to the QuickBooks License Error after cloning. More reasons are listed below with the solutions also. Just go with the solutions and fix error to get back to your work in a smooth manner.

What Causes trigger the error QuickBooks License error after Clone?

  • When QuickBooks is outdated
  • Windows is not up-to-date or compatible
  • You have not saved your QuickBooks file before importing it
  • Antivirus is blocking the QuickBooks activities
  • The Windows MSXML component is damaged.

Important tips to do before getting towards solutions

  • Use the updated version of QuickBooks
  • Backup your company files before performing any solution
  • If you are facing an error while opening the company file then run the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool
  • Check that the QuickBooks is registered with a valid key.

What are the solutions to fix the QuickBooks License error after Clone?

Solution 1- Delete the entitlement data file of QuickBooks

  • Close the QuickBooks Desktop software
  • Make sure that QuickBooks processes running in the background also stops
    • Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys
    • It opens the Task Manager
    • Go to the Processes tab
    • Check for QuickBooks processes
    • If running then select one by one
    • Click on End task after selecting each process.
  • Now you have to open the entitlement data folder on your computer
    1. Open the Run window
    2. Then enter the path- C:\ProgramData\Intuit\EntitlementClient\v8
    3. Press the Enter button from the keyboard
    4. Select the ECML file
    5. Now, right-click on the file and choose the Delete option
    6. When the file is deleted completely
    7. After that, open your QuickBooks software then open the company file in it
    8. Register the application.

Solution 2- Update your Windows operating system

  • Go to the Start menu button and click on it
  • Select the Gear icon that opens up the Windows settings
  • In this, click on the Update and Security option
  • After that, click on the Windows Update from the left navigation bar
  • Click on the button Check for updates to see if there is any update available or not
  • If it shows you the updates then proceed to do it
  • Click on the get updates or download button 
  • Then it updates the things you get for the update.

Solution 3- Disable the Antivirus protection

  • In your Windows Desktop
  • Go to the taskbar and click on the arrow to get options on the button right side
  • Right-click on the icon of antivirus
  • Select the option Disable 
  • Now you have to choose the time for disabling the antivirus in your system
  • Provide time according to the time you required for the registration of QuickBooks
  • So that the protection automatically gets resumed or if your work is done before the time
  • Then again right-click on the antivirus option and select Enable option
  • Now you are done.

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  1. Does the update required for all Windows users to fix QuickBooks License Error after Clone?

    Yes, you have to check for the update of your windows as sometimes it causes problems. So also check the compatibility of Windows with your QuickBooks software. The update is important to make sure not to get errors because of Windows operating system.

  2. Why it is important to disable the antivirus or firewall securities while resolving QuickBooks License Error after Clone?

    It is important because many times the antivirus and firewall block the QuickBooks or its working. So firstly, disable these securities so that it won’t interrupt your working in between. It also not cause any errors or issues while working.

  3. When I use the Backup file after resolving QuickBooks License Error after Clone?

    The backup files are used when there is some data corruption, damage, or loss. Then you have to restore your backup files to get your data back. It is not necessary that you are required to restore your data. These cases are so rare.



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