How To Recover QuickBooks Password

You get immense help from the financial accounting software QuickBooks, and hence you depend a lot on it. You keep all financial and accounting data of your medium or small business in the software. This data is updated automatically through input from all the terminals which bear the software with the same license. This is why it’s very vital that you may open the software all the time, and get access to invoices, reports, calculations, etc. to open the software, you just need to input your username and password. These are the two things you set while you install the software on your machine. And the biggest issue with QuickBooks occurs when you cannot open the QuickBooks software because of forgetting your password. And in this article, we know that how to reset (recover) QuickBooks passwords.

How to recover the password?

Resetting the password when you have forgotten it is not a problem. You set the password and also a security question and set a security answer against the question. When you forget the password, you have to choose the security question, and then you have to input the security answer. Once you provide it, you get the option to reset the password, and finally, you can open your QuickBooks account again. But the messy problem starts when you forget the security answer too, which is the gateway to reset the password.

How to retrieve a password when you have forgotten the security answer too

Here is the step by step instructions that will tell you how to reset your QuickBooks account password:

  1. While opening QuickBooks, when you realize that you have forgotten the password you can click on the tab “I Forgot My Password” on the login page. You will be asked the security answer then.
  2. Enter the security answer and click on OK. If you type in the right security answer, the password is removed and you are informed with a prompt. Next, you are prompted to reenter a new password, and once you enter it, your new password is set. But if you do not remember the security answer, you will have to click on the tab “I Forgot My Answer”.
  3. You will get a form with the name “Reset QuickBooks Administrator Password”. Now you must fill the form fields and click OK.
  4. Next, you will get an email in your registered email id. The email will contain an Access Code. Copy the code, and paste or type it on the password reset code box. Now your old forgotten password is removed from the system, and you have to enter a new password.

If you follow the steps above, you are able to reset your QuickBooks password and gain access to your account.

However, if you still cannot retrieve or reset the password, and are in agony, then you can always contact the professional assistance of QuickBooks. BusinessAccountings is another helping agency of QuickBooks, where you may get help if you are delayed by technical help.



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