Uninstall Intuit QuickBooks Sync Manager

Uninstall Intuit QuickBooks Sync Manager

Intuit QuickBooks Sync Manager is a form of service provided by Quickbooks. It can be availed in the US forms of Enterprise, Pro, and Premier software solutions offered by QuickBooks. This service allows clients to coordinate the information available in the Quickbooks database regarding their company with its corresponding cloud copy. The sync manager provides the opportunity to form third party connections outside the cloud as well. It also helps in the seamless integration of information into one’s website.

What are the issues that you get while using the Intuit QuickBooks Sync Manager?

  • Intuit sync manager has stopped working
  • Intuit sync manager discontinued
  • QuickBooks sync manager not working
  • Sync manager error QuickBooks
  • Error loading files from path Intuit sync manager
  • Intuit sync manager not working.

In case of using services that necessitate access to a particular company’s

In the QuickBooks database, a client/businessman is required to sync his/her company’s files. Problems that might arise from using the sync manager include:

  • Accidentally launching the file of a company
  • Unintentional running of the Sync Manager program
  • Relocating a file of a company to a different computer where the Sync Manager is being used.
  • Another reason for uninstalling this software can be due to a Database server manager error. This error can hinder the synchronization of data and thus cause various issues.

If syncing seems like a process with room for a lot of errors then Quickbooks has selective solutions that will easily resolve all these issues, but, if you are inclined to remove the Sync Manager of QuickBooks the following guidelines should be kept in mind before uninstalling it:

  • Uninstalling Intuit QuickBooks Sync Manager stops the database of the company from syncing to the different Intuit services available online. Therefore it is mandatory to check that there are no vital facts or figures that need syncing with the main folder of the company before proceeding with the uninstalling procedure.
  • The file of the company should be removed from the list that appears under the sync manager
  • The syncing process should be stopped completely and the file of the company should be checked whether it is still undergoing syncing.

The Intuit QuickBooks sync manager application can be closed effortlessly in two simple and straight forward ways:

  • Firstly, one can use the Help menu at the top.
    • On clicking the Help menu icon one can find a drop-down list containing many options.
    • From that list, the Manage Data Sync option needs to be selected.
    • This will lead to another dialog box which will contain the choice of Clear Sync Settings.
    • Clicking on that option will clear all the previous sync settings.
  • Secondly, one can use the Edit option available in the menu bar
    • Clicking on the Edit icon will provide one with a list of alternatives.
    • The Preference option has to be selected from that list.
    • One has to then click on the Integrated Applications.
    • This will show the tab titled Company Preferences.
    • From the list that appears under Company Preferences, one has to choose Intuit Sync Manager and then click on Remove.

In case Quickbooks asks permission to run Sync Manager while loading a particular file, one can click on Help and then from the given drop-down list choose Sync and clear the settings for that file.

Clear company files from Intuit QuickBooks Sync manager before uninstall 

  • Take the backup of your company file to make sure that you won’t lose any data and if any then you can restore it
  • Check that the file that you want to remove is not synced when you are going to delete or remove it
  • Go to the QuickBooks Sync Manager
  • Then right-click on the Company Filename
  • Choose the file then remove it from syncing
  • When you want to return the company file to the QuickBooks Sync Manager
  • Reset the Sync Manager into your QuickBooks account
  • To continue with the status of removing files then clear the synchronization settings of the files.

You have to Stop company files from Syncing

The steps are:-

  • Go to the System tray and click on it to open it
  • Right-click on the Intuit Sync Manager
  • Select the Sync Manager and then Open it up
  • Locate the company files that you don’t want to sync with your QuickBooks Sync manager
  • Go to the Sync enabled menu and then click the menu
  • From the drop-down menu, choose the option Disable
  • Now, you are done with the syncing of company files.


There are effective and easy methods to uninstall the Intuit QuickBooks sync manager on your own. However, in the rare scenario where the uninstall process is hindered or automatic syncing is observed, you can instantly seek the help of the supportive and understanding professionals of the QuickBooks Customer Service team.


  1. What are the errors shown when your QuickBooks Sync Manager is not working and you want to uninstall Intuit QuickBooks Sync Manager?

    Here are the errors that you get:

    1. Sync Manager Error QuickBooks
    2. Intuit Sync Manager not working
    3. Error loading files from path Intuit Sync Manager
    4. QuickBooks Sync Manager not working
    5. Intuit Sync Manager discontinued
    6. QuickBooks Sync Manager Error loading.

  2. What are the reasons that you want to uninstall Intuit QuickBooks Sync Manager?

    There are many reasons like the files being damaged, a few program files being missing, interruption causing corruption or damage, and more. All these things make QuickBooks Sync Manager not working on your computer. So this leads you to uninstall Intuit QuickBooks Sync Manager.

  3. What is QuickBooks Sync Manager and why uninstall Intuit QuickBooks Sync Manager?

    The QuickBooks sync manager runs with the QuickBooks Desktop application. It exchanges the data between the variant and the desktop. It allows you to form connections with the third party. It helps you in the integration of information into one’s website. But when it won’t work properly or you are not able to make it work then you have to uninstall Intuit QuickBooks sync manager and then reinstall it to use it properly on your computer.



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